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Discuss the origins of Islam in America

PAPER GUIDELINES: ________________________________________________________________________

Debra Baldwin A0099999999


In order to get full points, you will need to be aware of several things. First, you will need an introductory sentence that leads into your writing, like above. Also, please notice the use of the tab bar to indent the first line of a paragraph. You should have at least three paragraph indents per page. Make sure to use caps at the beginning of all your sentences. This is standard 12 point size font in New Roman Times. Please use it on your papers (it is usually the default setting on Microsoft Word.) Please notice that the lines are double-spaced. If you are using a template (at the computer lab) that does more than double space, especially between paragraphs, you will need to write an additional half page in length to make up for the spacing deficit. Please, also use your spell check, grammar check and most importantly of all, proofread your paper when you are done. The computer does not catch wrong word use or missing words most of thyme. The emphasis on these papers is for you to express your own opinions in summarizing and comparing information, rather than just quoting things or giving facts. Therefore, in answering the opinion questions, you should use first person to do so. The rest of the paper, however, should be in standard academic third person tone and style.

Be sure to make your paper the appropriate page length (which means going to the bottoms of the pages). You can spill over onto another page if you need more room to summarize or end your writing, but do NOT end shorter than the minimum three-page requirement. There is no maximum page requirement as such. All your assignments ask you to compare/refer to the text somehow. In order to get full points, you will need to DIRECTLY QUOTE the text or other source material, not just paraphrase it. This should be done using standard citations, such as endnotes or in-line referencing, which give exact page numbers or location where the quote is found. Use quote marks for “other people’s words” (Baldwin, p. 10) and then give the references

afterwards, either by footnote/endnote with a number after the “close quote mark, like this” 1 or by using parentheses with the actual citation information like above. Make sure you have a reference of some kind following ALL close quote marks in your paper. If you paraphrase, you would give credit at the ends of sentences or paragraphs like this. (Baldwin, p.10) The whole purpose of a reference is to make it possible for your reader to find the exact material in the original source that you have used. If you do not give page numbers, it will be impossible to find. Please refer to a writing style guide, such as MLA or Chicago for further examples and information on how to cite. You should also have another page added after your writing on which you give your sources (a formal bibliography), listing the book and author, date and publisher in a standard referencing format or proper internet citations for websites (which include

1 Baldwin, Debra. Paper Guidelines, in “3410 Syllabus”, Utah State University, 2012, p. 10. (or whatever citation format you choose to follow here, so long as all the pertinent information is given).

general website info plus full URL’s of all internet references used). If you are using a kindle version of the text, you will also find proper style referencing examples in any online style guides to use (just Google it). If you have any further questions about referencing, please look at the ‘research help’ link on the top of the Canvas course homepage, or go to the USU writing center. (You can also make an appointment for an online tutor if necessary. Please see the RCDE website for further details.) Please remember that any paper that does not follow the instructions exactly as given, or has major problems in content or format, will be returned for an edit. You will see a zero in the grade book which is a temporary grade meaning that you need to fix something. Please open the paper and see what comments were written about the problem. When you have remedied the situation, please resubmit the paper again using the standard submission procedures for Canvas. To receive a chance to revise your work and resubmit it, your paper must be submitted prior to the last 48 hours of class. Any paper submitted after the 48 hour deadline will not be returned for a revision, no matter what is wrong, and therefore, you will only have one grade given with full deductions for any problems. So, please get your papers to me when they are due! An announcement email will be posted on the announcement board regarding the final 48 hour deadline to remind you of this policy. Grading is roughly done in thirds- 30% for format and mechanics, 35% for following instructions exactly and fulfilling the assignment specs as required, and the final 35% for your content and research skills. Please refer to the paper grading rubric below for more detailed information.

the paper needs to be about this :


Do online research about the origins of Islam in America using multiple academic sources (no blogs, written or visual media, youtube, history TV, proselyting, or other types of non-referenced websites- use those that end in .edu or .org, for example.)

First, write a brief historical summary. Give plenty of names, exact dates, places and discuss the development of the Islamic presence. Organize your information chronologically by century first and then by decade when you get into the 20th century. You should have an entry for each decade from 1900 onward. Do not use the textbook as a primary source for this summary section. Be sure to reference where you are getting your information from in standard citation form for each paragraph. All quotes should use APA, MLA or Chicago style. Please access the research help tab at the top of Canvas for example and look in the paper sample in the syllabus for more information regarding how to do proper citations. For the works cited section, please use the online referencing style/info in this doc: Citation Help.docx

Include any organizations that have had a historical influence in forming the Islamic foundation in the States and what their roles are currently (if they are still there). Your textbook can be used here and has a lot of information on these in addition to the internet that you should use.

Finish by answering the following personal opinion questions (using first person, please).: What kinds of problems do Muslims face living here in the States? Do they belong here in your opinion? What do you see as the future of Islam in America.

All requirements in the general paper guidelines as given below apply. Please refer to the paper grading rubric for further grading criteria before you submit your work.

Paper Guidelines:

All general paper guidelines apply as given below. Please also refer to the paper sample and the full paper grading rubric for more information and grading criteria before submitting your work.

Length minimum is 3 full-to-the bottom pages (not including endnotes or sources page)

Format must be double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt size.

Papers should EXACTLY follow the format example given in the syllabus.

Make sure that you answer ALL the questions posed for each assignment and fulfill all the requirements listed.

All quotes must be referenced, either in-line or by endnote/footnote, including anything you find on the internet from which you have drawn ideas. NOTE: Make sure you are giving exact references when you quote, so that you will not be plagiarizing. If you are found to plagiarize, you will automatically receive a failing mark and be reported to the university for disciplinary actions, so just put quote marks & your reference for ANYTHING you copy outright, no matter how minimally!

You should also include an additional page (which does not count as one of the three) at the end of each paper giving your sources and citations for all works used in your writing (if you use footnote or endnote numbering, you will need a section for those references first before this additional general bibliography section at the very end).

Additionally, there is an online writing guide at: Please use it as I am a very strict grader on paper mechanics which composes approximately 1/3 of your total paper grade.

Submission Instructions:

When you are ready to submit the assignment, click on the submit button and upload your file.

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