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Discuss the measures and methods of evaluation of the communications methods including PR, advertising, and website.

1) Our project is about a new event for Nike to promote their products and services. Our suggested event is a triathlon (multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines) it will include cycling running and swimming). All of the research must be based on current event and related to the triathlon event. There should be a trend seen in their events. DO NOT INCLUDE AND INTRODUCTION NOR A CONCLUSION. ONLY COVER THE GIVEN POINTS PLEASE.
1) In Appendix Include all supporting materials that pertain to the research and analysis conducted to complete this report.
2) References in APA style and In text Citation.
3) No. of pages 15
4) Font: times New roman 12 font size
5) 1.5 Spacing
6) Margins – 2.54cm top and bottom; 3.28cm left and right.

1) Competitive Analysis and Objective Setting (5 PAGES)
Competition exists for every product/service, which impacts a firm’s performance. It is therefore imperative to understand who the competition is and how competitive factors influence objective setting. Do a competitive analysis focusing on the following factors:
1) Which firms’ products/services (including events) compete with your firm’s products/services/ (including events)? Compare your firm’s products/services and events with at least two other firms’ products/services and events?
2) Subsequently, do a SWOT analysis of your firm’s products compared to the two firms’ products identified and described above. Expose current trends in consumer purchase behavior of your firm in relation to its competitors including historic and emerging attitudes towards communications campaigns and their media preferences. Also, include competitor activities and other stakeholder views such as suppliers, employees, etc
3) Use all types of media to analyze the competitors and attach them in the appendix as supporting documents.

• Based on the above, identify and state the firm’s communication objectives at the event level, program of events level, and at the firm level for the two events. While doing so, identify the linkages between the various levels using the communications objectives framework covered in class.
• Following this, develop the objectives at the event level for the new event defined in Step 1 and explain how these objectives connect to the program of events level and firm level.
2) Sponsorship (6pages- 20%)
Critically analyze the two existing events by:
• Identifying the firm’s sponsorship objectives and how each of these objectives was met by defining target markets, message content, and choice of communications channels;
•Identifying and describing the sponsorship program structure for these two event and,
• Identifying and categorizing the sponsorship rights for the primary and secondary sponsors.

Following this, develop a sponsorship program while identifying the sponsorship objectives, sponsorship program structure and primary and secondary sponsors for the new event.
Justify your sponsorship program for the new event.

3) Measurement, Evaluation and Control (4pages -10%)
Identify and describe how the abovementioned marketing activities are tracked and how they are evaluated by the firm. While doing so, complete the following:

• Objective and subjective measures of event marketing related performance for the two existing events should be identified and clearly defined.
•Discuss the measures and methods of evaluation of the communications methods including PR, advertising, and website.
What were the reported outcomes for the two events in terms of the criteria used for evaluation?
Following this, identify objective and subjective measures of event marketing performance for the new event. Discuss and justify the use of measures and methods including PR, advertising and website.

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