Discuss the importance of the scaffold as a symbol in the scarlet letter?

-The course is (Research in Literary studies).

-The book is (The Scarlet Letter Edited by Susan S. Williams.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter Edited by Susan S. Williams. Boston: Bedford/St Martin’s, 2007. Print.

-My research paper is about: Discuss the importance of the scaffold as a symbol in The Scarlet Letter?

-I want you to do The thesis and the outline should correspond. The outline example in the MLA Handbook (see 1.8) is certainly too complicated for this assignment; the outline might be carried from roman numerals (I, II, etc.) through the capital letters A,B,C, etc.

-This is example of the outline:
1. Reference works are useful when beginning research on a topic for a paper. Some reference works such as indexes and bibliographies lead you to further information elsewhere. Find the name of a specific index. What is the specialized bibliography for languages and literature?

2. Some reference works do not lead you to other places but instead give you basic information, such as is found in dictionaries and encyclopedias. Give the title of an authoritative general dictionary appropriate for a student writer. What is the authoritative dictionary that gives the etymology (history) of the word? Give a specialized encyclopedia. In reference works that give biographical sources, give one work for living persons and one work for persons no longer living.

3. What are the types of search available in the electronic MLA International Bibliography(MLA I B), the most important serial bibliography for literature students?

4. If you are accessing the MLA International Bibliography (MLA IB) through UWA’s EBSCO, locate two articles on Chopin’s The Awakening; in your search box, write Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. In limiting your search, choose linked full text and peer-reviewed. If you are using another electronic version of the MLA I B (from another school, for example) which does not give you those choices, simply locate the citations for two articles. Write them out, translating them into the format found in the MLA Handbook (the format that you will use for the Works Cited in your research paper).

5. What is meant by “peer-reviewed”? Why are Internet resources a particular challenge in evaluation? While none of them may automatically be reliable or unreliable, which of the domain names is especially suspect in academic research? (see the Handbook 1.6.1 if you don’t understand what “domain” refers to)

6. In determining how reliable sources may be, what should one look for?

7. What are the two systems of library classification? What is used in the library you frequent?

8. The UWA A to Z Title List is a database that gives you a nifty way to locate a full-text article that you have seen in a bibliography or in a footnote/endnote in another article. Practice on the following citation:

Frey, Olivia. “Beyond Literary Darwinism: Women’s Voices and Critical Discourse.” College English 52 (September 1990): 507-526.

After you go to the Library home page, open the Databases and from the drop-down menu, choose A to Z Title List. After you click on that, select from the items running across the page (beginning with About this Site) the word Titles. That word refers to the titles of the journals that may be found in the UWA Databases. In the Search box, write in College English (the title of the journal in which the article appears). Once you find one of the possibilities, you will search the name of the author (Olivia Frey). Write out the names of the four databases in which you would find this article.

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