Discuss The effects of financial income on university dropouts

Outline for Research Paper:

Title Page: gives your name, and title of your paper (does not get numbered)
Abstract: about 150 words explaining what your paper is about and also includes your conclusions; it also does not get numbered.
Main body of the paper: this does have page numbers
Section break downs: each section should be labeled as follows (note: you may also need sub-sections, especially if I have told you in previous assignments to put them in)
This is the introduction of the paper and is generally ¾ to 1 page long. This will introduce the topic to the reader.

Review of the Literature:
This you have already done, or at least have a good rough start. You may need to adapt what you already turned in to me, or it may be very different depending on where your research has taken you since you turned in the Lit Review weeks ago. This is anywhere from 5-15 pages depending on how much info you have

In this section you will tell what your hypothesis is, you will write out what you are expecting to be your formula for your hypothesis. You will tell me what your Independent and Dependent variables are and why you chose them and how you are measuring them and with what data and where you got it from (do not forget to cite your data source!!!! Failure to do so will significantly decrease your grade).
You will also tell in this section what method you will be using to test your hypothesis. For many of you, regression analysis may be appropriate. Tell why you are using this..If you are not using regression, what are you doing, and why? You will also tell that you will be running your analysis in SPSS. This section will probably be a page or less.

This is where you give me the results of your statistical analysis. In other words, this is where you use the output and either make it into a table (if you are not using regression) or, if you are using regression, this is where you type in your equation of the line using the coefficients from your data output. Then, no matter what you are using, you must then interpret and explain those results to the reader (this is the most important part) do not assume anyone reading your paper will have any idea what you found unless you tell them. Make sure that you define your units!!! This section can be anywhere from 2-5 pages depending on what you did and how many variables you had and what kinds of tables, etc. you have used.

This is the summary of the paper. What did you find? Did you find what you expected to find? Why do you think you didn’t if not? Where does the research go from here? What are the implications for future research? What would you do differently if you had to start again?

Note: Please know that this is a metid research paper which means that the data found needs to be cited and include the data on the last page of the paper. Also please cite everything since it is a research paper and i will submit an example of a research paper so it is easier for you to follow and write.

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