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Discuss the economic, health and social costs of MMR vaccination policy in the US:

I have written a rough draft for my final research paper. This draft is extremely rough and frankly needs serious revisions. I will attach my outline and rough draft with the order, along with a list of revisions suggested by my Professor. Frankly I am not sure of my thesis/if it even makes sense so feel free to adjust accordingly if it happens to make for a better paper to follow to guidelines attached. This assignment is due at 11 am tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the guidelines i will attach very carefully and format accordingly. Grammar, clarity and content are extremely important. All data, also MUST be from credible sources.

-The topic is relevant to health policy, and is definitely something that some research has been done on but still needs a lot of future scholarly work

-Make sure to add more scholarly citations to the introduction, and focus on both the broader health impact for US society and the economic costs (e.g., measles or the lack of vaccination is estimated to cost US society XXXXX million dollars a year)

-Both the health impact and the economic impact will help to show the significance and importance of the problem

-Make sure to spell check the entire document prior to submission

-Ensure to cite all factual or historical information both in the text and in the references page at the end of the paper using Chicago style (e.g., in this section “The Anti-Vaccine Movement of today can be traced back to 1998. A popular study published findings that asserted a causal link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Shortly after the study was published, the British Medical Journal rejected the causal link between autism and measles vaccines and supported the safety of the MMR vaccination.”)

-This all needs to be cited in text as it is not your own work and it drawn from a secondary source

-Ensure that the text is all the same font and size throughout the paper, and include your name and the page number in the header on the right side of the top of the page

-Make sure to cite the current policies on vaccines in California, and include a brief discussion of the arguments for vaccines and against

-In the policy section at the end, briefly talk about some potential negative consequences for society and the economy if people continue to not vaccinate their children

-If you are directly quoting, make sure to have the page number from which you extracted the quote, but it is preferable if you paraphrase and only include the author and date of the article

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