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Discuss the economic effect of Famous People  

This Research paper can not be that formative. Can use we or I. But you is not acceptable. Please use the song “we are the world” by Michael Jackson as one of the example.

Please read the instructions clearly, the source can be a blog, news or video. But if use academic source, please be peer reviewed.

Please fill out the Annotate Bibliography worksheet for the 4 resources.


This final portfolio assignment has several important purposes:

 To build and practice library and Internet research skills
 To practice and improve skills for writing papers based on multiple sources from different genres
 To practice and improve skills for writing formal research papers using a specific citation style (APA)
 To evaluate different source types and compare how topics are treated across genres.

Topic: For your first assignment this quarter, you wrote a narrative about a song of your choice. For this paper, you will use the same song, but approach it from a different angle. This paper will reflect a more objective, scholarly approach to the song. This research may focus on any aspect of the music that is interesting to you, so long as you incorporate a variety of appropriate resources that support your thesis. Some possible ideas for research are (and you may mix and match these ideas as appropriate for your song/topic):

1. Science of sound production: how was the sound of the song produced (instruments, recording equipment, acoustic amplification, etc.)?
2. Historical account of the song’s production: composition history, composer’s biography, relationship to historical/social/political moment in which it was produced, etc.
3. Performance analysis: how has the song been performed, and by whom? This might include original and “cover” performances, commercial/social/political appropriation, etc.
4. Cultural analysis: how does this song speak to or reflect a particular cultural environment or movement? What is its broader public significance?

If none of these suits your interest, propose a topic for my approval no later than TWO WEEKS before the paper’s due date.
Task: You will decide upon a research question and then conduct library and Internet research to find sources that will help you investigate your question. Depending upon the specific question, you may also wish to interview an expert. Then you will write a research paper reporting upon your findings.
You should find, read, and cite 3-5 sources in your paper (more is OK). An interview(s) or television program(s) can be among your sources, but at least 2 need to be written sources. Written sources can be academic (e.g., research journal articles or books), journalistic (newspaper or magazine articles), web sites, or even blog posts. The nature of your topic will help you determine what types of sources are best for your paper. Choosing appropriate sources is part of your evaluation for this assignment, so be sure to ask me for advice and/or meet with a librarian for a research consultation if you need help.

Audience: For this paper, imagine an audience of intelligent and interested college undergraduates who are not familiar with your topic. Do not assume they have heard your song (or seen the music video, or read about it, etc.) and be sure to introduce your topic clearly and provide enough background information. (You might skim articles in UCD’s Prized Writing [] for models of a research paper that would appeal to this kind of audience.)

Genre: This is a formal research paper that will include citations and information from the various sources you consulted. Although you should consider the knowledge, concerns, and interests of your audience, you will not address them directly (i.e., do not use second person “you”).
The particular research question will help determine the focus and organization of your paper. For example, if you choose the “historical,” “performance,” or “cultural” questions, you will want to describe what you found out, compare your own research with information in other articles, and draw some general conclusions the song’s contributions to these topics. If you choose the “science” or “musicological” questions, you will describe what you have learned, and summarize what your different sources, taken together, have shown about the topic.
Though you will be reporting upon your research, you will not simply be presenting information. You need to do several important things:
 Make the paper thesis-driven: What is your own opinion or understanding of your topic now that you have investigated it? What do you want your readers to understand, believe, or do as a result of reading your research paper?
 Make the paper interesting: Although it is a formal research paper (relying upon sources and citations), you might think of ways to engage your readers by telling stories or giving examples. You may wish to add multimodal elements (such as photos or hyperlinks).
 Make the paper convincing: If you don’t do a good job of finding good sources, reporting upon them clearly, and analyzing them thoughtfully, your readers will not be impressed by your research or your conclusions. It is your job to make your argument (thesis) persuasive by supporting it with good evidence and analysis.
Essay Specifications (see also Assignment 4 Feedback Rubric, attached):

 The final version of your paper should be 1500-2100 words long, not including references (5-7 double-spaced pages). Up to 300 words longer is OK.
 You must cite 3-5 sources total in your paper (more is OK). The source types must follow the guidelines described above.
 You will use APA format for manuscript preparation, in-text citations, and the references section at the end.
 Your paper must be logically organized with a clear thesis statement or thesis paragraph, well-focused discussion sections and paragraphs, an effective introduction and conclusion, and good use of subheadings and/or transitions to tie paragraphs and sections together.
 If your paper includes an interview(s) with an expert(s), you must include as an appendix your interview questions and your notes on the responses.

Assignment 4 Feedback Rubric
Instructor’s Evaluation Symbols–Key
✔+= done very well
✔ = done adequately
✔- = could use some work
✖ = not done at all/not at passing level

______Paper follows assignment specifications

______Paper is sensitive to knowledge base of target audience

______The topic and research question are clearly presented in an effective thesis or
thesis paragraph

______Paper uses clear and specific evidence from chosen sources to support
the thesis. Sources are credible and appropriate for the topic/thesis.

______Paper is well organized with an effective introduction and conclusion,
a logical structure, and effective connections across paragraphs and

______Style (diction, sentence types, etc.) is appropriate for target audience and

______Paper is carefully proofread and edited for problems with grammar, word
choice, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics

______In-text citations and References consistent with APA format

Instructor’s Overall Evaluation of Draft (advisory): ___________________

Excellent Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory

Additional Summary Comments:
Assignment 4 Research Process Memo

Due: Submit with Final Draft in class on March 4.

Format/Specifications: Write this as a short essay with well-developed paragraphs. It should be 250-300 words long (longer is OK), double-spaced. Begin with your name, word count, and a descriptive title. It should also be spell-checked, proofread, and edited.

Task: For Assignment 4, you identified a research question and did research to find more information about your chosen topic. Reflect upon your process of researching and writing your paper by considering the questions below.

 How did you get started on this assignment? What was your approach?
 Was it easy or hard to find a topic and sources? What was your research process?
 Was it easy or hard to find and evaluate sources for your research question?
 Was it easy or hard to organize your paper?
 How do you feel about your use of sources in this paper?
 What did you find most interesting about this assignment?
 What was most difficult or frustrating about it?
 At this stage of development, how do you feel about your paper? If so, what work might still be needed (in your opinion)? What questions do you have, or what feedback might be most helpful to you?

You need not answer all of the questions or in this particular order. Just pick the ones most relevant and interesting to you.

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