Discuss the differences between written and film adaptations of Othello OR The Tempest

In exactly two pages, analyze either Oliver Parker’s adaptation of Othello or Julie Taymor’s adaptation of The Tempest. You may choose either a single significant directorial decision (e.g., Taymor’s casting of Helen Mirren in the role of Prospero), or
you may analyze smaller directorial decisions in the context of the adaptation as a whole. In either case, be sure to cite carefully from both the text of the play and the film. (Use the time stamp on your media player to cite the film.) Make an argument for the way the
adaptation interprets the play. How is this a critical decision? Is the director (or the actor, or the costume designer, or the cinematographer) privileging one potential reading
of the text or downplaying another? Do these choices highlight or efface the allure of the foreign or exotic to which both of these plays are keyed? How does the idea(s) of the
transcultural figure differently from text to adaptation? Do not use any outside sources except for the play/ film. Support all arguments with quotes

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