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Discuss the advancement of technology and its effects on aviation and it’s security

The project must provide significant evidence of experience in aviation and aeronautical studies and MUST meet the following program outcomes:
1. Critical Thinking:
The student will apply knowledge at the synthesis level to define and solve problems within professional and personal environments.
2. Quantitative Reasoning:
The student will demonstrate the use of digitally-enabled technology (including concepts, techniques and tools of computing), mathematics proficiency & analysis techniques to interpret data for the purpose of drawing valid conclusions and solving associated problems.
3. Information Literacy:
The student will conduct meaningful research, including gathering information from primary and secondary sources and incorporating and documenting source material in his or her writing.
4. Communication:
The student will communicate concepts in written, digital and oral forms to present technical and non-technical information.
5. Scientific Literacy:
The student will be able to analyze scientific evidence as it relates to the physical world and its interrelationship with human values and interests.
6. Cultural Literacy:
The student will be able to analyze historical events, cultural artifacts, and philosophical concepts.
7. Life Long Personal Growth:
The student will be able to demonstrate the skills needed to enrich the quality of life through activities which enhance and promote lifetime learning.
8. Aeronautical Science:
The student will demonstrate an understanding and application of the basic and thus advanced concepts of aeronautical science as they apply to the aviation/aerospace industry for solving problems.
9. Aviation Legislation and Law:
The student will engage and discuss to present an understanding and application of basic concepts in National and International Legislation and Law as they pertain to the aviation/aerospace industry.
10. Aviation Safety:
The student will compare and discuss in written and spoken formats an understanding and application of basic concepts in aviation safety as they pertain to the aviation/aerospace industry.
11. Aviation Management and Operations:
The student will present and illustrate an understanding and application of management activities as they apply to aviation/aerospace operations.

This assignment must be made in two parts;
first a proposal must be formed that should explain the purpose of the paper, summarize the procedures that will be used to develop the paper, and show how every program outcome is going to be addressed. I will attach a template for the proposal that will have more information. The proposal should be delivered in 14 days to get the instructor’s approval, then part two will start, which will be the actual paper and that should be delivered in 14 days after. I will be attaching a template for the final paper as well.

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