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Discuss race and war shadow in U. S. history from the Civil War to the present

Write a thesis driven essay that considers the impact of these two forces in
shaping U. S. history.
Your essay must (1) consider the relationship between race and war and make a particular
argument about how they shaped US history over this period; (2) situate the U. S. in
global perspective, that is consider the exercise of U. S. power in the world and the
impact of events outside the U.S. on the U. S. domestically; and (3) be broadly framed
chronologically, that is, take in all or most of the period addressed in this course (1865 to
the Present).
In thinking about and responding to this question, you will want to bear in mind the
different kinds of war the U. S. has engaged in from the Civil War to the present,
including active military conflicts (e.g., WWII); broader geopolitical and ideological
contestations (e.g., The Cold War); and the rhetorical framing of domestic policy in terms
of war (e.g., the War on Drugs).
Finally, in thinking and responding to this question, you will want to bear in mind central
course themes, in particular “technologies of modern state power,” “the consolidation of
the nation state in a frame of global interdependence,” and “rights, citizenship and
population movements.”
Sources: Your essay must be limited to material covered in Lectures including videos,
Optional Movie Nights, Section Discussions, and Course and Section Collaborative
Assigned Readings and Films.Length, Formatting, Title: Your essay must be (1) double-spaced, (2) 1,000-1,250 words (include word count)(roughly 4-5 pages), (3) Times New Roman 12 point font, (4) have a title that at least hints at the argument, (5) have page numbers, and (6) include in- text citations to evidence (e.g., Williams, p. __) or (Lecture 4/30).
Due Date: The final paper is due Friday May 15, no later than 10:30 a.m. Section Instructors will determine whether you are to submit your paper in hard-copy (and if so, where), electronically, or both. Final papers may be submitted early.
General Guidance on Writing a Strong Essay:
First, this essay assignment is designed to trigger your own critical (engaged) response to the material we have addressed through lecture, readings, and discussion through the course as a whole (Parts I, II, and III).
Second, be sure that you assert a clear argumentative thesis (i.e., a position with which someone might disagree, but which you can persuasively support). Use the course lectures as a guide here. We have structured each lecture with an argument (a thesis)
History 1302 Global America Spring 2015
supported by evidence. This is exactly the kind of thinking/writing that we are asking you to do.
Third, make sure you offer corroborating evidence drawn from lecture, discussion, and readings. It is essential that you explain how the evidence/examples you incorporate support your argument. A strong essay will incorporate Williams, Negroes with Guns as well as material from a broad range of lectures. Imagine a reader who is deeply skeptical of the claim you are making and try to build an argument that will persuade even this skeptic. The most persuasive evidence is detailed historical examples.
Fourth, a good essay addresses evidence that without explanation would appear to undermine your argument.
Fifth, history is rarely black and white. The best essays present nuanced arguments that reflect the tensions and contradictions of the historical past.
Finally, a good essay is well organized, so that the argument flows in a logical way.

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