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Market Research Documents
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Market Research Documents
FAR Part 10 describes Market Research for federal acquisitions. I am attaching a market research template as well
as a resources for completing a market research report.
G:’.I Market Research Template I!! Resources for MR Supplemental Information
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Essentials of Government Contract Management
VIL50 I Term: July 2016 – 8 weeks
Access from: 7.1.2016 12:00 AM EDT to: 8.25.2016 11:59 PM EDT I Section: 1
Discussion Boards I Week 1 • Market Research. Marketing and Ethics I
Sample MR Report
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Sample MR Report
Here is a sample of a market research report I completed.
~ Sample Market Research Report
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Requirement: Pitney Bowes Postal Evidencing Systems Requisition
Requisition Amount: $416,000.00
1. Background Information:
Requisition #XXXXXXXXXX. I for $416,000.00.00 was approved on 11 February 2014 to
support the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Administration and Facilities
Management (OAFM), Administrative Services Branch (ASB), purchase of Pitney Bowes Postal
Evidencing System Maintenance, Meter Rental, Hosting Services and Supplies under GSA
Contract #GS-XXF-XX:XXM . Under previous contract #XXXXX-OX-X-OOOXX this equipment
was delivered, tested by ICE OClO’s office and installed.
The last option period under Contract #:XXXXX-OX-X-OOOXX was Option Year ill which period
of performance was 09/30/2012-09/29/2013. During this time period, DHS Headquarters (HQ)
was conducting a competitive DHS-wide Postal Evidencing Systems (PES) Blanket Purchase
Agreement (BPA). Unfortunately, DHS was did not award the BPA during Option Year TU. As
a result, the Contracting Officer utilized FAR 52.217-8 to extend the period of performance for
six months. Again, it was anticipated DHS would complete their competitive BPA for a PES.
While DHS is still establishing their BPA, ICE is establishing another contract with Pitney Bowes
to continue PES. With the intention that DHS will be completing the procurement process within
the next twelve months, ICE is establishing a contract with multiple option periods for more
flexibility. Once DHS Headquarters procurement is awarded, ICE plans on using the DHS
procurement vehicle.
Periods of Performance (POP):
The period of performance is a six (6) month based period with six (6), one (1) month options.
As follows:
6 Month Base= 03/30/2014-09/29/2014
Option Period T = 09/30/2014-10/29/2014
Option Period 2=10/30/2014-11/29/2014
Option Period 3 = l l/30/2014-12/29/2014
Option Period 4 = 12/30/2014-0 I /29/20 I 5
Option Period 5 = 0I/30/2015-02/28/2015
Option Period 6 = 03/01/2015-03/29/2015
2. Description of Product or Service:
The ICE Mail Management Office has an ongoing requirement to continue to provide mail
service to approximately J 36 ICE offices throughout the United States including Hawaii. This
service will consist of Postal Evidencing System maintenance service, meter head rental,
SendSuite Software Hosting service and supplies. The Postal Evidencing System configurations
consist of:
a. Postal Evidencing System (DMl OOi, DM300, DM500, DM800, DMI 000)
b. I 00 lb. Digital Scale
c. CPU
d. Computer Monitor
e. Miscellaneous computer peripherals
3. Purposeof the Productor Service:
It is mission critical for ICE-CFO-OAFM-ASB to provide mail services to the 136 field office
locations. ICE has Pitney Bowes mailing systems set-up and processing mail in over 136 ICE
Field locations. The purpose of this acquisition will be to keep these systems running without
interruption and to continue to provide hosting services and supplies.
4. PerformanceRequirements:
The ICE Mail Management Program Office (MMPO) has a requirement for continued service for
web based postage, mailing and shipping solution consisting of hardware (CPU, keyboard, flat
screen monitor, I 00 pound digital scale and postage evidencing system) software, service and
supplies to support the ICE agency-wide mail program. The contractor shall provide postal
carrier charges for reporting and chargeback purposes for the ICE agency-wide mail program. A
web-based enterprise-wide application will be required that provides the benefits of centralized
deployment, configuration, and administration while at the same time delivering distributed
processing across multiple mailing/shipping locations.
The system functionality is as follows:
a) Pitney Bowes is the proprietary developer of SENDSUITE software which allows the operator to
quickly add a fixed handling charge, or automatically add a percentage based on total charges. In
addition, tracking and reporting is automated, saving time and giving control over the charges to
SENDSUITE software.
b) Web-based multi-carrier system that interfaces to a variety of mailing machines based on volume
requirement as stated in the SOW. The system consist of a PC workstation (CPU, flat screen monitor,
keyboard and I 00 baseT NIC that is supplied by DHS ICE), l 00-pound platform scale and a digital
compliant mailing system.
c) System will process mail and shipments to determine the carrier selection, routing guides,
documentation, and reporting requirements for express mail and ground parcels.
d) System to be engineered with innovative technology enabling web deployment in an enterprise
e) System will collect all shipping information on a real-time bases thus allowing for accurate and on time
5. Delivery Requirements:
There are no specific delivery requirements. As previously mentioned, this new order will be a
six (6) month based period with six (6), one (1) month options with the following Periods of
Performance (POP):
6 month base= 03/30/2014-09/29/2014
I= 09/30/2014-10/29/2014
2 = 10/30/2014-] 1/29/2014
Option Period 3 = 11/30/2014-12/29/2014
Option Period 4 = 12/30/2014-01/29/2015
Option Period 5 = 01/30/2015-02/28/2015
Option Period 6 = 03/01/2015-03/29/2015
During the periods, Pitney Bowes will be responsible for providing maintenance, supplies and
meter head rentals to ICE Field Offices.
6. Information Relative to Agency Requirements:
The current contractor is Pitney Bowes, who is a GSA Schedule holder. Therefore these services
are commercially available.
7. Market Analysis:
ICE started a 60 month “lease to own” contract with FedSource (PoP 9/1/2005 – 8/31 /2008,
Contract#: XXXXX-XX-X-00:XXX). The contract was subsequently awarded to the Mid•
Atlantic (PoP 9/30/2008 – 9/29/2009, Contract#: XXXXX-XX-X-XXXX). The contract number
XXXXX-XX-X-XXXX was awarded to Pitney Bowes, Inc. for period of performance
09/30/2009 through 9/29/2013. Subsequently, ICE was provide a 6 (six) month extension of the
current contract that expires on 3/29/2014. No additional contract extensions are available for
th is contract.
Ill performing market research, OAFM-ASB concentrated on finding GSA schedule holders.
OAFM-ASB discovered 21 contractors on GSA schedule 36 50-163 Mail Processing Machines,
Systems and Related Software. Of the 21 contractors, only 4 contractors were capable of possible
performing IAW with our SOW. The four contractors were:
1. Harris, INC
2. General Mailing and Shipping Systems, INC
4. Pitney Bowes INC.
Of the four contractors, Pitney Bowes is the only vendor authorized to maintain ICE’s mailing
fleet. Pitney Bowes, Inc. is the only vendor certified to run on the ICE network backbone to
capture postal data in order for ICE to meet is mail delivery.
The Pitney Bowes, Inc. system has undergone testing and evaluation and were approved to reside
on the ICE network for the current contract. Pitney Bowes, Inc. is the proprietary developer and
distributor for their software and meter products. The Pitney Bowes, lnc. software contains a
specialized module used to interface with the ICE network. The required Postal Evidencing
Systems and the proposed pricing is based on GSA schedule pricing under GSA Contract #GS•
XX-XXXXX. Pitney Bowes is the only vendor with its own nationwide service organization
servicing Pitney Bowes equipment and the only supplier of new parts for this equipment. There is
no other responsible source capable of meeting ICE’s service requirement.
ICE will eventually use the DHS PES BPA as it has been deemed “Mandatory for Consideration”
by all DHS PES users. Our current contract with Pitney Bowes (PB) expires on 03/29/14 and the
award date for the DHS PES BPA is projected after ICE’s current contract with PB expires.
Therefore, awarding this service to PB for the period ICE has suggested will ensure a
continuation of the current service and ensure ICE field offices will remain operational without an
interruption of services. It is our intention to utilize the OHS mandatory BPA once it’s awarded.
Due to the time constraints for these mission critical services, ICE is unable to do a competitive
procurement. In addition, the other vendors listed under GSA are capable of continuing the
service/maintenance for our existing machines.
8. List of Potential Sources:
After an extensive market analysis, no other sources were located that offered the services
required to support ICE Mail Management Program Office’s mission.
9. MarketResearch Conclusion:
In summary, the market research conducted by OAFM-ASB determines that it is in the best
interest of the government to award a sole source contract to Pitney Bowes while DHS HQ is
continuing their competitive BPA procurement process.
fY\t~,\-~$Qo.R~J)~l,~6 ~~ ~\~J_.0.•
Websites Available to Research FAR Prioritiesfor Use of Government Supply Sources (FAR 8.002)
Information on:
~ Excess agency property can be obtained through Component PersonalProperty Officials.
~ Excess property from other agenciescan be obtained through Component PersonalProperty
Officials, and from GSA’sHow to Acquire Excess PersonalProperty website at: OVERVIEW&contentld
~ Federal Prison Industries supplies and services:
~ Procurement List of services and supplies maintained by the Committee for Purchasefrom
Peoplewho are Blind or SeverelyDisabled (AbilityOne):
~ Wholesale supply sourcesthrough:
~ GSA:
~ Defense LogisticsAgency:
>, Department of Veterans Affairs (medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical products
under FederalSupply Schedule):
>, Mandatory FederalSupply Schedules:
~ Optional Use FederalSupply Schedules(GSA Advantage): (when usingGSA
Advantage, use of appropriate FederalSupply ScheduleSpecial Item Number (SIN)is essential)
Websites Available to Research EnvironmentallyPreferable Products and Services
Information on:
~ Products and services identified by the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program
(including products with recycled or recovered content). Additionally, information on Federal
green buying requirements and cost and benefits of purchasing choices can be obtained through
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencywebsite at:
~ Electronic Product Environmental AssessmentTool (EPEAT) is a system to help purchasers in the
public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and
monitors based on their environmental attributes. AccessEPEAT at:
~ Biobased materials (including manufacturing and product information and laboratory results of
bio content) can be obtained through the U.S. Department of Agriculture by accessing:
~ Energy-efficient products can be accessed at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and
U.S. Department of Energy ENERGY STAR® Program website at: and through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal
Energy Management Program website at: requirements.html
WebsitesAvailableto Research EnvironmentallyPreferable Products and Services
Information (cont’d):
~ Water-efficient products can be obtained through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at:
~ Sustainable design and operations can be accessedthrough the U.S. Department of Energyat:
~ • Alternative fuels and other petroleum reduction options such as advanced vehicles, fuel
blends, idle reduction, and fuel economy. Also, transportation-related data and trends related to
alternative fuels and vehicles can be obtained through the U.S. Department of Energy at:
Resources Availablefrom the DHS Library
Through its wide variety of resources, the DHS Library can be an outstanding source of support for
conducting market research. Resourcesinclude accessto:
~ Federal Library Portals (seethe “Federal Library Portals” listing on the DHS Library’s Main Page.)
~ Commercial and Federal Databases(simultaneous central search capability and access)(To view
a listing of databases, click on “Central Search” in the OHS Library Main Page’s”Databases
Available Department-wide” section.) Includes accessto ASTMJournals, Business& Industry,
BusinessSource Premier, Consumers Index, ProQuestTelecommunications, Regional Business
~ Fee-for-service accessto a variety of commercial data bases(requires passwords available
through the DHS Library). (To view a listing of resources, click on “E-Resource Collections” on the
OHS Library’s Main Page.) Includes accessto: ASTMInternational – ASTMStandards, Dun and
Bradstreet, lnfoTRACOneFile, HIS (standards).
Visit the DHS Library at:
Additional Online Government Databases Availableto ContractingOfficers, Contract Specialists, and
>- ACQUISITIONCENTRAL( is a major website for the Federal
acquisition community and the Government’s businesspartners. Hosted by the Integrated
Acquisition Initiative (IAE).ACQUISITIONCENTRAL provides accessto shared systems and tools
for conducting business. In addition to those identified in Part 2, Section B.4 “Federal
Contracting Databases” of this guide, acquisition systems accessiblethrough ACQUISITION
CENTRAL include:
>- Federal BusinessOpportunities (FedBizOpps)- the Governmentwide Point-of-Entry
where commercial vendors and Government buyers are invited to post, search, monitor,
and retrieve opportunities solicited by the Federal contracting community (also
accessibleat .
~ -The Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Veterans Enterprise Web
Portal which includes vendor information pages(also accessible at: ).
Additional Online Government Databases Availableto Contracting Officers, Contract Specialists, and
>- Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index page provides information, updated monthly,
regarding consumer price trends (
~ Bureau of LaborStatistics Producer Price Index page provides information regarding trends in
selling prices received by domestic producers for their output (
~’s BusinessData and Statistics site provides a portal with links to a variety of
businessand economic statistics collected by numerous U.S. Government agencies:
>- U.S. Small Business Administration:
~ SAFETYAcitnformation is available at:
~ Defense Logistics Information Service’s (DLIS) Federal LogisticsData (FED LOG) Information
Center at: be used by engineering, technical
research, provisioning, procurement/contracting,supply, cataloging, maintenance, distribution,
storage, transportation, quality assurance, and disposal personnel to retrieve management,
part/reference number, supplier, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE),freight,
Interchangeability and Substitutability (I & S) and characteristics information recorded against
National Stock Numbers (NSNs). FED LOG also provides service unique data for additional search
~ Disaster Response Registry at shall be accessed as part of market research
performed during disasters or emergencies when contracting for debris removal, distribution of
supplies, reconstruction, and/or other disaster or emergency relief activities. A list of
prospective vendors voluntarily participating in the Disaster Response Registry can be retrieved
by using the CCR Search tool at:
Commercial Online Databases
~ ThomasNet (formerly Thomas Registry) provides a variety of information on manufacturers,
distributors and service providers:
~ Online Phone Directories: and
(See also “ResourcesAvailable from the OHS Library”)
Online Trade Journals
~ American Metal Market provides information on the metals industry, including pricing.
~ Platt’s Price Report information on oil pricing and trends may be helpful for developing and
supporting contract transportation cost estimates:
~ Random Lengths provides information on the woods products industry:
Other Market Research Guidance
Although URLs are provided, for best results, use an Internet search engine (such as Google or Yahoo)
and search on the following document titles to find the current Internet link.
Document Title:
~ Defense Logistics Agency, Market Research: Gathering Information About Commercial Products
and ServicesHandbook (SD-5), January 1, 2008, accessibleat: uil/displaypage.aspx?action=content&accounttype=displayhtml&c
~ DefenseAcquisition University, Continuous Learning Module CLC004,Market Research
(accessibleat: )
> National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration, Market research Guide, May 15, 1998
(accessibleat: )
> Office of the Secretary of Defensefor Acquisition, Technology and Logistics(Acquisition
Initiatives), Commercial Item Handbook, November 2001 (accessibleat:
> RutgersUniversity Libraries’s Market Researchwebsite (accessibleat: gateway/research guides/busi/markres.shtml )
> Army Contracting Agency, Market ResearchGuide, May 2004 (accessibleat: mktrsch gd.doc l
> Air Force LogisticsManagement Agency, Market Research/AnalysisGuide, August 1997
(accessibleat: steps/library/AFmarket-research.pdf)

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