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Discuss justice in Dante’s Inferno. Use examples (from the text). Write in your own words. Include as much independent thought as possible. Answer the exam question via an assertion (your assertion = your thesis). Include a short introduction, persuasive thesis statement, well-developed body paragraphs, and a short conclusion. Use primary source quotations as examples in your body paragraphs. Cite all sources using complete and proper MLA documentation. Don’t summarize or paraphrase material from the web without using parenthetical and bibliographic citations.

Write a six page paper (about 1700 words) on the topic “What were the consequences of Napoleon’s ignorance of the history and culture of the Middle East during his effort to take Egypt for France?”, based on the book “Napoleon’s Egypt – Invading the Middle East” by Juan Cole. Substantiate the generalizations with facts from the assigned reading, and provide footnotes or endnotes for the sources.

Summary of Questions for Cole’s Napoleon in Egypt

1) Who in France had designs on taking Egypt?

2) Who governed Egypt under the Ottomans?

3) Who lived in Egypt?

4) What was the economy like (other than agriculture described above)?

5) How were the French shocked and disappointed with Egypt?

6) How did the French demonstrate their lack of understanding of the physical conditions in Egypt?

7) How did the French demonstrate their lack of understanding of Egypt and the Egyptians? Consider culture, language, religion, geography, society, government, festivals, as well as city planning and architecture

8) What personal pressures did Napoleon have while in Egypt?

9) What did the French think about the women they found?

10) How did the native population militarily confront the French?

11) How did Napoleon deal with defeated insurgents (see also “government” above)?

12) How did the English cause trouble for Napoleon?

13) What was the impact of Napoleon’s invasion on the rule of Selim III (1761-1808, reigned 1789-1807)?

14) How did Napoleon’s rule in Egypt end?

15) How did Napoleon hope to hide the truth about Egypt?

16) What was the lesson from Napoleon’s experience for the West?

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