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Discuss how the service delivery process could be improved(in the British Airways) and how the order winners they have can be better enhanced-online check in?


An individual report is based on case study (1,500 words).

Choose a case study of your choice(British Airways attached) from the ones attached.(choose one only) Analyse the service delivery process or the manufacturing process identifying what should be done to improve the processes and discuss why the case study company is successful (or not successful). (max. 1500)

Further details:

Please choose British Airways case as its shorter and probably easier since there needs to be major adjustments to the paper. Please follow the points below:

You need to start by defining what service delivery is and its importance. A book called Terry Hill (Operation Management) basically has everything including the service delivery process mention it and its importance and what is said about it in literature. Mention what makes service delivery successful.

Brief background about the state of the contemporary situation of BA…. What’s happening?

Mention the order winners(could be their customised quality of service-putting people first) and order qualifiers(price maybe im not sure) of the company- go back to theory and literature the book has a list of what could be used as an order winner and order qualifier…mention them use theory and relate to the case what you find to be order winner and qualifier need to be relevant and true… from what you read in the case….talk about their order winner and order qualifies as you go along the case as well.

VIP-Mention their delivery process and process design and choice of the company – go back to the book (terry hill ops mgmt)and literature there are key aspects of service delivery process such as the bullet points below : elaborate on each and discuss what literature says about service delivery being successful it should satisfy these area and mention how the company utilizes them some “NOT ALL”of the service delivery process is mentioned below…which needs to be analysed and used to explain in the case how these are shown to be …look at textbooks and the slides I attached as well.

• Volume of service-what type of volume the company produces for its products/services

• Complexity of service

• Service package

• Others, include more as there are other aspects

Discuss the process choice as well, research about it and im sure its mentioned in the book I suggested and slides attached

• Project

• Butch

• Jobbing

• line

Discuss how the service delivery process could be improved and how the order winners they have can be better enhanced-online check in? include short term as well as long term recommendations (Future of BA) And use theory as well to support your recommendations.

Mention if the company ends up being successful or not successful for British Airways there is a lot of elements that can be used to prove its success.

Assessment criteria:

Clarity of expression

Content development and relevance

Understanding of issues

Analysis and synthesis of information from a variety of sources

Relevant and correct citations

Novelty and new insights


Module textbook

The following book is an essential reading:

Hill, T (2005) Operations Management Strategic Context and Managerial Analysis. Second Edition, Palgrave

It is recommended that you supplement the text with reading from the following:


Many other books cover the material in the lecture programme. Some of these books may prove useful if you wish to cover a topic in more depth or understand it from a different perspective. The following is a small selection of references for further reading.

Balegun, J et al. (2003) Exploring Strategic Change FT Prentice Hall

Johnson, R and Clark, G (2005) Service Operations Management (Improving Service Delivery).

2nd ed. FT Prentice Hall

Lowson RH (2002) Strategic Operations Management The New Competitive Advantage. Routledge.

Porter, ME (2004) Competitive Strategies : Techniques for Analysing Industries and Competitors. Free Press

Scholes, K (2004) Exploring

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