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Discuss how a financial system is essential for the smooth functioning of an economy.

ECO 3303 Assignment I Due: Monday, June 29, 2015

Role of Financial System in a Modern Economy

A well developed and functioning financial system is needed for a stable and growing economy. In this paper:

(a) Discuss how a financial system is essential for the smooth functioning of an economy. Highlight the specific advantages of a financial system and offer specific examples of the benefits which citizens (consumers, producers, savers, borrowers) of a country receive from a well-developed financial system.

(b) Compare and contrast scenarios (economic impacts) at different periods of time when problems were plaguing the financial system in an economy

(c) What specific steps and measures are instituted by various federal agencies to ensure the stability and confidence in the financial system? Give examples


Write an original paper, in your own words. Please do not copy or plagiarize your paper as this could result in a failing grade for this course or worse. Make sure that you paraphrase ideas, concepts or thoughts of others in your own words and make sure you acknowledge these sources. DO NOT COPY & PASTE. I am setting up an upper bound of 20% for any or all matches and not more than 5% of any individual match for any particular source.

I expect that besides the cover page and page of references, you will write at least 4 pages or more for this paper (do not exceed using a 12 font and double spacing between lines). I will expect that you will use at least 4 to 5 scholarly references and will AVOID all .com references (points will be deducted if you use .com sources).

Make sure that your paper is well organized, flows well and is not reflecting a hurriedly written rough draft. It should be devoid of grammatical and spelling errors and I highly recommend that you use The Writing Center to check any potential problems in expressing your ideas. Please refer to the Writing Rubric included in the syllabus as a guide for preparing this paper.

Once you complete the paper, you need to upload the paper in the Turnitin program on the course homepage. Late papers will be subject to grade penalty. Remember, the university has dedicated this course as a “Writing Intensive” course; you need a passing grade in all your papers to receive a passing grade for this course.

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