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Discuss health promotion website on binge drinking in Eastbourne East Sussex England

Project description
Your task is to plan part of a health promotion website for the general public in response to an identified health need such as binge drinking in Eastbourne East Sussex England
This will include content for three web pages:

1.Information about the health problem. This should indicate why it is a public health issue, ie scope of problem and impact on population.
2.Plan for behaviour / lifestyle change to help to alleviate the issue. This should link with at least one model / approach to health promotion or behaviour change.
3.A useful links page identifying relevant policy, practice and research links for the public.

3,000 words in total made up of approximately 1000-1300 words on each of the web pages 1 and 2, and 4-700 words for page 3.

Assessment Guidance
Your task is to PLAN part of a health promotion website for the general public which addresses a particular public health problem.

We want you to imagine that you are writing a proposal to your line manager/clinical lead that will persuade them that the developing this website is of important. Harvard style referencing only
development of a website on your health promotion topic, will be a beneficial public health initiative. You are, therefore, identifying potential material for the future design of 3 web pages on your health promotion topic that you think your target audience needs to know, and preparing background supporting material that both justifies your choice of information for the target audience and provides evidence to your manager/clinical lead about a) why such a website is needed, and b) why you have designed the 3 web pages the way you have.

You need to consider the target audience is your chosen topic an issue that affects all sectors of the population? Is the solution the same for all age groups? Make sure the information you provide is relevant to the target audience, what you say to 16-18 year olds may be very different to 65+ year olds. Content for the web pages should be written in language appropriate for the general public, and information for your manager, in academic style and referenced so that you can demonstrate where you have got your evidence from so that your manager can see that you are using defendable facts, not local newspapers as source material. (Your HealthTrust does not want to have complaints about the accuracy of what goes onto the web page.) The referenced sections for your manager can be written as briefing notes.

Web page 1: Information about the health problem.
This should indicate why it is a public health issue, i.e. scope of problem and impact on population, AND why it is important the viewer takes it seriously. You will therefore need to select appropriate information relevant to the public, and additional evidence for your manager (supporting epidemiological statistics, and awareness of current policy initiatives – global, national and local). All sections should be referenced as normal.

Web Page 2: Plan for behaviour / lifestyle change to help to alleviate the issue
This page should include information to the public is about what the viewer can do about it should. Consider what health education they may need, and how best to present that to your chosen target group. You also need to add a section for your manager/clinical lead explaining the theoretical basis of what you are suggesting, – such as understanding of lifestyle behaviours that may lay behind the existing lifestyle choice, possible health inequalities, and explaining what theories/models of change you are using to help design the webpage mentioning evidence for the effectiveness of this approach for the particular condition you are writing about.

Web Page 3: A useful links page
Here you should identify a) relevant links for the members of the public, b) relevant policy, practice and research links for your manager/clinical lead. These links will be to sites that have further information/advice. You should give a short rationale regarding their relevance.
Take note of the below and how it should be written
Now follow my introduction that I wrote for you and you need to use it to re-write your essay in order to achieve a pass grade).

The web page proposal assignment will focus on raising awareness on the harmful effect of Binge Drinking. My target audience will be young adolescents and young adults age 18-25. It will be written as three web pages.
Web Page one for the Public is where I shall outline what is Binge Drinking (BD) which is also known as alcohol abuse and misuse and for the manager, I will discuss my rationale for choosing this topic, present global, national and local statistics, and determinants of health and health inequalities.
Web Page Two for the Public will be about information given as a health promotion campaign to educate my target audience of reducing their alcohol intake and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. For the Manager, I will discuss the health promotion approaches that I will take and will aim to demonstrate how I used health promotion model to structure my health promotion information giving.
Finally, for Web Page 3 for the Public and for the Manager, I will attach some annotated web-page links for additional information.
Web page One for the Public: (here you use Public Facing Language, use short, bullet point sentence, make it interactive as if you are talking to your target audience. You can use images to depict binge drinking and acknowledge the source of your image). For example;
Have you heard of the term Binge Drinking( BD) and how harmful it is to the body?
Let me tell you what is BD. It is.

Web page One for the Manager ( this is written in an academic style)

Web page Two for the Public ( again use public facing language)

Web page Two for the Manager ( write in academic style)

Web page three for the Public ( you find web link page and write a few sentences to tell the target audience what it is)

Web page three for the Manager ( same find web link, government report etc and tell the manager what it is)

Reference and prove read your work, written in UK english

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