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Discuss any topic in American history from 1875-1980

Research p
Research Paper

Requirements: Students must write an 8-10 page, typed, double-spaced term paper as a requirement for the course. The margins are to be no larger than 1 inch and font size no larger 12 pt in standard Times print style. Students will include a title page and bibliography but they will not count as part of the 8-10 pages of written material. Students will be asked to follow the Chicago Style Manual for Term Papers. For information on Chicago Style, check out the following website:, or

What is a term paper?
The name term paper refers to a project that summarizes or demonstrates mastery of the work of term or semester. Many instructors use this label interchangeably with research paper. Depending on the course, a term paper may or may not include formal research. A course that includes field work in teaching, for example, could require a term paper summarizing the development of teaching skills during the semester. A literature course could require a critical paper as evidence of the development of analytical techniques during the term. Similarly, a paper for either of these courses might require library research in secondary sources to substantiate the student’s observations and conclusions.[1]

Students will be required to have a minimum of FIVE sources in writing the paper. Students may not use an encyclopedia of any kind for this paper. You are encouraged to use books, periodicals and the library database on CD-ROM. All Internet resources must be from a .edu or .gov website unless approved by the instructor.
Students are required to proofread their papers in order to catch spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and to make sure that their papers progress in a logical fashion. Students must include a thesis statement and conclusion in their papers. The conclusion is not to be merely one’s own opinion but must be based on the facts research in the paper.

What is a thesis statement?
The answer to the question with which you began your research or the substantiated hypothetical statement will eventually become the thesis statement, or controlling idea, for the paper. As your outline evolves and your research leads you in new directions, your thesis statement may change, and you should frequently consider revising it as your work progresses. The statement you make will depend on the nature and amount of material you find. Your final thesis statement should cover all the points made in the paper. It need not necessarily enumerate each point, but your reader should not be disconcerted by encountering an area of inquiry not suggested by the thesis statement.[2]

[1].William Giles Campbell et al., Form and Style, Theses, Reports, Term Papers 8th Edition, (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1990), xiii.
[2].Campbell et al., 18.

Paper Requirements

Chicago/TurabianStyle Guidelines

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