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Discuss and show that there is a connection between exponential population growth and every form of development challenges.

Population Growth Challenges- Everything Conected

Dissertation Structure

Chapter 1- Introduction- 20

Chapter 2- Literature Review- 65

Chapter 3- Methodology -15

Chapter 4- Discussion- 40

CHapter 5- Results- 30

Chapter 6- Conclusion- 20

This dissertation wants to show that there is a connection between exponential population growth and every form of development challenges.

REVIEW- The Upside of Down Dixon, suggests the concept termed “Tectonic stresses”, as a combination of underlying issues in our societies accumulating deep beneath us, which will result in absurtp breakdown of socities. He listed 5 tectonic failures, currently prevaling in our society, they include:

1. Population increase, arising from difference in population growth rate between rich and poor societies.

2. Energy stress, due to increase scarcity from conventional oil.

3. Environmental challenge from worsening damage to all natural resources.

4. Climate impact from changes in atmosphere composition.

5. Econoimic challenge from global economic instablity.

The approach is to conduct a qualitaitve analysis of online and offline resources, articles and videos, suggesting the effects on countries economic progress in relation with its population growth.

For instance if we take the top 10 -20 best econimies (countries) in the world and analys their gross gdp over the last 10 to 20 years depending on available data and

cross reference this data with how their population have increased over this period, and see if there has been changes to these countires economic ranking in current times.

What we want to bring out is that if a country’s population is better managed/control, then availalbe resources can be better managed and hopefully be sufficient, also taking into consideration future population increase.

Taking a look at solutions, innovations and policies such as China etc, and analysing these solutions or workarounds towards managing population growth.

For example in the UK, birth control treatments are provided freely and with no pressure but with indepth information on treatment options and effects.

The larger a countrys population the more uniqeu the challenges, issues and solutions to challenges that must be employed by thise countries.

chapter 1- Introduction- Population Growth & Current Challenges

Chapter 2- Literature Review- History- Anthropologists believe the human species dates back at least 3 million years, one element that connects all mans problems of

industrilization, climate change, food security, sustainable development, extreme poverty, corruption, pollution etc, the disaster that continue to inflict the natural wolrd is exponential population growth. Even the bible say we should subdue population, menaing manage/control…

Chapter 3- Methodology – Human population growth will threaten many species by 2050, Including Man himself YES or NO?

Chapter 4- Discussion- The eradication of poverty and the assurance of environmental sustainability are today’s greatest challenges and

are intrinsically linked to population dynamics. Addressing them is a global responsibility

CHapter 5- Results- Human pop growing 80 million -year, 1.5 million -week, 0.25 million -day, 10,000 – hour

Chapter 6- Conclusion- Solutions, Recommendations, Innovations and Future Works

Please I will want the first draft in 10 days, for review and feedback. 2nd draft will be in the next 10 days and final draft at the end of next 10 days.

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