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Discuss and explore the ways in which public sector managers can influence their employees’ performance.

Essay Questions:

Why is it so difficult to measure and manage performance in public organizations? Critically assess the problems of performance measurement and management in public sector organisations and how to deal with them.
“Happy employees are productive employees.” Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement. Discuss and explore the ways in which public sector managers can influence their employees’ performance.
Why do you think managing human capital effectively is so crucial for government organizations? Discuss and illustrate by using examples from your experience.
Using examples, explain how HR managers can influence employee performance via emotional intelligence, personality, and perceptions.
Critically evaluate the HR and performance management system in your organization. What are the pros and cons from your perspective? Describe ways to improve the existing system.

• Your essay should be approximately 3000 words. Please put the word count on the cover page.
• The cover page should include the title of the essay topic, your name and student number, the date of submission, and the word count.
• The report should be typed and clearly laid out, preferably Times New Roman 12-point font, 1 1/2 line spacing
• Use one consistent referencing style throughout the report, preferably APA [APA reference style is attached]
• Please check your English including structure, spellings and grammar thoroughly.
• The key to success is critical analysis.
• Make specific recommendations, resulting from use of the theory and analysis. Not simple description of what you have seen without thinking about it.
• Use diagrams and graphics where these help. Do not include them if they are not referred to in the text.
• Use tables to cover points concisely, and to compare and contrast issues you wish to address.
• Use appendices appropriately, as more detailed explanations, results and evidence which directly support assertions you make in your essay, but which are not suitable for the main body of the text. Do not use them as padding, or for information to which you do not refer in the report. Appendices do not contribute to word count.
• It is essential that you conduct your analysis making explicit and acknowledged use of the theory.

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