Discuss and explain women in India .

Make sure to include academic articles and resources, do not rely on blogs and Wikipedia for important information.
a very short abstract, an introduction, a background theory section and the analysis of a case study followed by a conclusion.
The argument/theory of the paper must be about “Simone de Beauvoir’s-Women-The second sex” using this theory you must write a paper on Women in India.
The paper must include a :
Thesis statement: This is not the topic but a statement about a topic, an idea or a point of view. For example: a thesis is NOT “the civil rights movement in America” but instead this is a correct statement “civil rights movement in America changed from the early to late sixties because of the government’s commitment to desegregating the schools”. Thesis statement is what your main idea about what the paper will revolve around( This is most essential. )
Organization: State the main idea in the beginning, then develop and support it in the paragraphs that follow.
Organize your supporting and concluding ideas. There must be some principle of organization or logical progression in the paper, some reason why one paragraph follows another. Do not say things like “As I said above” or “as I mentioned earlier”, there is something wrong with the organization if you do so.
Paragraphs: One point, one aspect of point. It is not a random group of sentences, there must be a reason why each sentence is included within the same paragraph; each must be related to the main point. A paragraph should have a topic sentence at the beginning, which states the main idea. The idea should be developed in the sentences that follow, according to some principle of organization- as in the paper as a whole-which determines why one sentence follows another.
Make sure to have a logical progression of ideas from sentence to sentence within the paragraph to paragraph within the paper- is crucial in clear, smooth writing. Each sentence raises expectations that the next sentence should follow through on; if it dons’t, then meaning is derailed.
Each paragraph- new point/argument. do not be repetitive. avoid paragraphs with 3 lines, complete each paragraph thoroughly.
Sentences: Avoid passive and “there is” constructions and stick to subject-active verb-object word order.
Quatation: Always use a quotation on your own words. State it’s source, state the relevance of the quotation to the argument. It is important to not only use quotes but also paraphrase, quote crucial words when necessary.
Make sure all your paragraphs/point of views/ideas follow up to your thesis statement which was made at the beginning.
Conclusion: state the thesis in different words which does not include new ideas.

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