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Discuss and explain what is teenage pregancy.

Project description
The annotated bibliography introduces sources students have read and are considering using for the final argumentative essay. The bibliography includes complete and correct MLA citations for each source, summaries of each source, and brief explanation (1-2 sentences) of why and how each source will be used (or why it will not be) in the final essay. When summarizing source materials, students should be concise, maintain objectivity, and focus on the content that has to do with their specific topics. At the end of each summary, students should evaluate the source and express why and how the source will affect the overall argument; the evaluation and explanation may be presented in a separate paragraph (that is still part of the original annotation) or as the closing sentences of the summary paragraph. The annotated bibliography should also include a working title for the final essay. The title IS NOT Annotated Bibliography. The final title for the essay may be different from the title of annotated bibliography, but in general it should indicate the overall purpose and idea of the final essay. The title should be formatted as follows:
Tentative Title: A Selected Annotated Bibliography

Note the use of the word Selected. This word is necessary in the bibliographys title because students are not composing complete bibliographiesthat is, they are not citing and annotating every source they examine for use in their final essays.
For this assignment, students should construct an annotated bibliography containing AT LEAST TEN (10) individual scholarly sources and no more than twelve (12) sources. Students must use a variety of source materials, including books and academic journals, not just online sources. Annotations should be 1-2 paragraphs in length. The summary portion of each annotation should follow the summary guidelines previously provided in this course. The evaluation and explanation portion of each annotation should be brief and clear.
Students should follow the formatting exhibited in the provided annotated bibliography example. Annotations should at least begin on the same page as the source citation. Citations should not be interrupted by a page break (in other words, the full citation but not necessarily the annotation for a single source should appear on a single page). You may use first person perspective in the annotations only to explain why you will or will not use each source and how it will affect your final argument. DO NOT use second person perspective. Please make sure there are 10 sources there MUST be 10 sources the paper can go up to 2 pages at most.

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