Discuss and explain Anne Lamott’s book: A difficult life as an inspiration for writing

Directions: Write an essay with mixed rhetorical modes based on Lamott’s book. Here are examples of possible topics:

Practical, sound advice to beginning writers in Lamott’s book

Myths of writing according to Lamott

Anne Lamott’s book: A difficult life as an inspiration for writing

These are just a few possible topics, but you are not limited to those topics as long as the topic is related to and is supported by Lamott’s book. Provide examples and illustrations from the book in your essay in the form of direct quotes, summaries, and/or paraphrases. In addition, connect what Lamott is saying to your life. For example, you can include your personal experiences and your ideas regarding writing and life.

Important Notes: In choosing a topic, you may focus on a theme of the book (ex. something that comes up frequently in the book) or some ideas that you particularly liked or disliked (ex. three or four ideas from different chapters of the book and then discuss them). Do not focus the entire essay on just one chapter of the book. In the discussion of Lamott’s ideas, show that you understand what she is saying (ex. do not misinterpret her words) and that you have read the whole book.

In addition, make sure that the overall essay is not just the summary of what Lamott is saying. Include your ideas and support as well.

In this essay, you will use a mixture of rhetorical modes, for example, one body paragraph may have illustration; next body paragraph may have comparison/contrast, etc. It is up to you which rhetorical modes to use, but at least two different kinds of rhetorical modes should be integrated into your work. See The Handbook about different rhetorical modes, pages 99-108.

In your essay, you will refer to Lamott’s book in your citations and will write a citation for the book on the works cited page. Write the citations according to the 7the edition of MLA style.

In your paper, you can use the first point of view (ex. I) or the third point of view (ex. the writer) but avoid using the second point of view (ex. you, your, etc.).

The essay should be typed and have Times New Roman font, size 16. The essay should be at least 900 words and contain the work cited page. Remember to submit the essay in a timely manner.

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