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Discuss and explain about fort Wayne Museum of Art

need the best writer in this field who he is capable to use the rhetorical devices.
It is essential that the writer to write in the US English spelling, grammar, and essay organization and th way the American develop their paragraphs and essays.

You will find attachments that teach you how to write the paper. Please, in this attachment, follow PART 2 only because I did part one by myself.

Moreover, I would say my professor is so picky, so the instructions, grammar structure, MLA format should be followed strictly.

More instructions here you need to follow. I got these instructions from her lectures.
– when you try to get the wealthy philanthropist to donate his money, use only the Logos(logic) technique . That is, be that logical person to get him donate the money to Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Also, you not need to be informative or be providing your opinion. YOU MUST be “logical” because you must use the rhetorical device of Logos.

– In the rubric of this assignment, try to write stuff that would meet and apply A category of the table of the rubric.
– Remember, you are defining and analysing the topics of culture, social value, and
community in relation to the public space of Fort Wayne Museum of art.

– I uploaded 6 sources to use them in this paper, and you are more then encouraged and welcome to use more sources that you might feel they would help you to be more logical. Using the MLA format and incorporate the sources effectively worths a lot of points.

– You need to show in a paragraph that there might be some people disagree with your logical ideas that convince the wealthy philanthropist donate the money to the museum, so use the source I uploaded to use it to show the opposition of your ideas, and your responses to that opposite stuff that tries to offsite your ideas.

– Read the articles not only the abstracts.

Please, make sure you understand the instructions, then start writing the paper.

– I am uploading the annotated bibliography to read it, it will help you a lot to understand what both of my professor and I need from you to write this paper. Also, this will help to give you a nice summary of the sources.

– This is an academic paper, so you must write in the third person. We need a quality formal paper. Do not use big words a lot though, but you are encouraged.

– The website to get and write background information of the museum. This can be used as a source. The link of the website
Enjoy doing the research, and let me thank you in advance for your time to write the paper. Watch out for the grammar.

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