Discuss and explain a firm from an emerging market economy that has entered a foreign market within the last five years.

no Chinese company! no seminar companies which i will give in documents.Research a firm from an emerging market economy that has entered a foreign market within the last five years. Emerging market economies include Eastern Europe, East Asia excluding Japan, South Asia, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa or Latin America. However, if you are from a country within one of these categories, you must choose a country other than your own. You should then produce a Report for a business audience. The Report should contain a brief account of the market entry strategy that has been implemented by the firm in question. The focus of your report is to use relevant theories and concepts from the international business literature to explain and evaluate the firm’s choice of entry mode(s) within the context of their overall entry mode strategy. Academic literature should form the core of your analysis and discussion, with newspaper articles, etc. being used only for factual support or to update the literature. An essay is inappropriate for this task and a report format must be adopted. It is also essential that critical assertions, facts and key comments are referenced (see instructions below). We encourage you to work in pairs and complete the report with a colleague in which case the word limit is 3500 words. The word limit applies to the main body of the report only and excludes the contents page, executive summary, list of references consulted, and appendices. It includes tables, figures, and references in the text. Please note that appendices should be avoided if at all possible and only included if the main text refers to and makes use of them. Guidance for Students “Students are reminded that the following important information is published in the ULMS Postgraduate Student Handbook, available on-line at: https://www.liv.ac.uk/management/current-students/ The information includes advice on: • How to reference your work • Lateness penalties • What to do if you require an extension • The marking criteria that will be used for this module • Re-sits Style and Layout of Assessment All assessment should be produced on a computer using an appropriate programme. All text should be in a clear font (e.g. Arial) at 12pt size and double- spaced. All essays/reports should also have adequate margins (at least 2.5cm). Assessment should be submitted electronically via VITAL and in hard copy to the Student Support Office, unless otherwise stated. All assessment follows the Liverpool Harvard style of referencing. Guides to this can be found in the UG Study Skills pack, via the Library Lib guides and in the Study Skills section of all VITAL Programme Pages. The penalties for not adhering to these requirements are outlined in the UG handbooks. Further guidance on different types of assessment and criteria can be found in the Study Skills Packs and in the ULMS Marking Criteria. Word Counts Word counts are intended as an absolute upper limit and no ‘leeway’ is given for students who exceed these limits (e.g. it is not acceptable to deviate by 10% above the limit). The penalties for exceeding these limits are given the UG/PGT handbooks. The following are not included in word counts: Reference lists/Bibliographies and Question Titles; Appendices/Footnotes- provided these have been used only when necessary. If appendices or footnotes are used excessively, or contain material that should clearly be included in the main body of the essay/report, it is at the markers’ discretion to include these in the word count. Tables/Graphs- provided these have been imported from elsewhere (correctly referenced) and not produced by the student. Contents Pages and Front Pages of Reports As well as the essay/report itself, the following are included in word counts: Citations/quotations- this includes the material paraphrased/quoted itself as well as the name, date and page information. Tables and graphs- if they have been produced by the student. Executive Summaries in Reports- unless otherwise stated

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