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Discuss about parenting styles and child learning

The quality of the structure of the paragraphs and grammar must convey that you can write effectively. These are essential to the assignment. Writing well-focused paragraphs, good spelling and correct grammar would make your important ideas more accessible to your reader and identify you as a capable professional. To help you in conceptualizing your writing, you should check to make sure that you have satisfied the following criteria that I will use to assess your paper. Take great care with this assignment, as state guidelines require that you must pass the taskstream assignment to receive credit for the course. If you need assistance to improve your writing skills, ask your instructor or go to the Center for Writing Excellence at the Green Library.

Examples/Content: How clearly presented were the examples that you chose included in your writing? Is your description sufficiently elaborated that someone who was not there gets a complete picture of the event/principle? Does your paper show that you really understand the content that you are discussing?

Organization/Clarity: How clear is your paper overall? Do you have a clear point or focused set of points to make? Do the paragraphs show organization and ordering, headings?

Analysis: Why are you selecting these facts/literature?
What is the main point of all your writing? Make your case and be persuasive that you have interpreted these observations correctly and made important insights.

Instructions: Have all the instructions been followed? Is
your paper APA and legible or hard to read for some reason or simply not summarizing or addressing the questions raised in the literature you reviewed?

Thus, the main objective of your TaskStream (5-page Paper/Project that includes list of references):

I. In your introduction identify your main topic assigned to you by instructor (create an outline, think of examples, research ideas, use subheadings, summarize the existing literature, and conclude). Your paper should reflect your critical thinking skills and your understanding of the topic at hand. The specific topic/theme will be assigned to you by your instructor in class.

II. Provide example(s) of how you would apply the particular theory or concept being discussed to the classroom. While writing your paper, think of your future students, including culturally and/or linguistically diverse students.

III. You should write a “conclusion” paragraph. For example, conclude what was the most meaningful aspect of the reading to you and why. Please cite the research literature that you use to write your paper and follow the APA manual for writing rules.

In the attached document, you will find the sources that I would like to use for this paper along with their citations and abstracts.

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