Discuss about modernity’s histories of slaughterhouse

This paper is for my Modernity in Literature class. And the professor assigned my to write about Modernity’s History of Slaughterhouse Five reading that I did in class. *Slaughterhouse Five reading is being attached in “Additional materials” in PDF form*
*This paper needs to be 3-pages, and do not need the work cited*—but you still have to put which page number correspond to the text that you analyze.

In this paper, I have to make an argument about how Slaughterhouse Five’s imagines history. The question is that: What model of history does that work imply, advance, interrogate, or imagine, and why? Then attend to historical context to inform my argument.

The other instructions from the professor about the technical tips will be:
1. Write clearly & simply, without trying to “sound smart.” If the ideas are smart, you can write clearly without trying to inflate your prose (or use elevated diction).
2. Choose your words & verbs carefully.
3. Have a clear thesis statement.
4. Use clear topic sentences for paragraphs.
5. Transition at the level of argument not simply rhetorical device (Ex. Another point is….don’t do that).
6. Economize the writing.
7. Use correct punctuation.
8. Minimize your use of the delayed sentence: (Ex. One of the most interesting things about the poem is…., Another important point to notice about the poem is…. Please don’t do this).
9. Diversify your sentence structure & your word choice.
10. Shift from writer-centered writing to reader-centered writing.

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