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Discuss about health ethics in emergency management & disaster planning

Health Ethics in Emergency Management & Disaster Planning

The Question:

I wonder if perhaps you could write a 5-6 pages description of your work in your graduate program? And your goals for integrating your complex graduated education into your ultimate plans for your return from the U.S.?
***Some information about myself:
1- I’m an international graduate student

2- Right now I’m working to get my masters degree in emergency management and disaster planning

***Description of my work in my graduate program of (emergency management and disaster planning):
“Is to study and identify all the scientific and Ethical foundations on emergency management and disaster planning, and discuss all the scientific theories related to it. Also, learning all the mechanisms in place to deal with disasters and ways to deal with them and apply them properly”…

***My goals for integrating my complex graduated education into my ultimate plans for my return from the U.S.:
1- using my experiences gained from the master’s program in emergency management to assist in the establishment of similar educational programs in my country and teaching it…

2- assisting the competent authorities to restructure and develop most of the current emergency management programs in my country to become one of the best programs, and within the applicable international standards…

3- assisting the competent authorities in my country, to establish the most appropriate disaster preparedness and mitigation plans…

4- helping to educate and sensitize the community about the value of such programs (scientifically, practically, and Ethically).

Dear Writer
In my class of Health Ethics in Emergency Management and Disaster Planning, I was assigned to write 5-6 pages as a personal response, where I have to cover and answer all the questions that mentioned by my Instructor in a file called (Questions and Instructions)…
Therefore, could you please go through a file called (Questions and Instructions), and do your best to write for me the most appropriate response, where you have to answer all the questions and cover all the instructions that are mentioned on that file by using your own words only…
***Note(1): You will find some information about myself and my major mentioned in the questions file, which called (Questions and Instructions). These information are very important to be used in your response..<
***Note(2): Please make sure to do your research about my graduate major which I’m studying right now, and mentioned in the questions file in order to write your response in a professional way…
***Note(3): Please use your own words in the writing, and if you have any question please let me know ASAP…
***Note(4): Please do your best to finish my order before the deadline; I will be so greatful to you. I am counting on you to get an A on this paper…


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