Discuss about gun control in the United States with a emphasis in conceal carry if possible.

My subject is Gun Control in the United States with a emphasis in conceal carry if possible. I am very pro gun, have grown up hunting and shooting guns my whole life with plans to serve in the military. So the purpose is to convince people that gun control is bad, and that we need to be armed as citizens. And I need a works cited page of the 5 sources used, that does not count as part of the 10. I need it sunday night, the 2nd of august.

Requirements from my professor:
The purpose of this essay is to convince your audience to agree with or at least respect your opinion on an issue. As you write this essay, you will develop and refine your opinion on your chosen issue by presenting convincing evidence. You will critically reason through your opinions and communicate your argument using claims for written arguments, as well as appeals to logic, emotion, and character. Arguing, in this sense, does not mean being belligerent. Rather, a good arguing paper will consider the opposition and will avoid offending those who disagree.

Keep in mind that this should be an essay, your essay! Research is not an end in itself but a tool that you use to make your point, interest the readers, persuade your audience, etc. Your voice should dominate the essay, not that of the researchers.

AUDIENCE: Determined by topic choice

LENGTH AND FORMAT: Final needs to be 10 pages, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-point font. Works cited page does not count within the page requirements.


Focus and point of essay are clear. Thesis is stated clearly.
Essay answers the questions it raises and fulfills its own goals: convincing, explaining, teaching.
Quotations and information from research is gracefully integrated into the writer’s own ideas. Impressive depth and variety of thinking and sources. Credibility of sources is well established.
Persuasive elements are utilized. Proper balance of logos, pathos, and ethos achieved.
Introduction, conclusion, transitions, and structure all support the thesis of the paper.
A recognizable, consistent voice engages the reader.
All sources documented correctly in MLA format.
Grammar and spelling are correct.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: