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Discuss about economic evaluation for health care

the department of heath is considering funding new intervention for preventing anxiety disorders in young children. this hypothetical program is called happy kids and is a community based parenting program delivered by allied health professionals. the department wants to know whether there is evidence that happy kids represents value for money. you are part of a team that has been asked to design a protocol for an economic evaluation along side a randomised controlled trial. your role in the team is to undertake the following question

1. justify why you believe that an economic evaluation is needed, including any additional information you might need to support your argument (be able to provide justification for undertaking an economic evolution)

2. form a well defined study question to help guide your economic evaluation. make sure you include all the elements of a good study question, including how health outcomes will be measured. (a well design question includes perspective, type of evaluation, outcome measure, relevant population and time frame)

3. what type of economic evaluation do you think will be the most appropriate for answering your study question? justify why you have chosen this method for your economic evaluation- don’t forget to include justification based on your chosen health outcomes in our answer (justification of your chosen economic evolution method based on the strengths of this method over and above the other methods, the justification should be specific to you study question and outcome measure)

4.describe the resources that you will collect under the following categories; direct heatlh care, direct non-health care, indirect and intangible (identify all resources under relevant categories; grouped according to capital, labour, consumable, overheads and indirect. the resources identified should be applicable to the study perspective and include the relevant units of measure.

5. outline the information and data sources that you would use for collecting the resource and cost information for your economic evaluation (identify a range of viable strategies for collecting resource and cost data for your economic evaluation, including methods to collect resource data and relevant websites or sources of information)

6. explain how you will value each of your resource inputs in your economic evaluation (a clear statement and rationale of how you will value each of the resource inputs taking into consideration the study timeframe, and the different types of resources)

7. explain and justify how you will collect and value health outcomes you have chosen for your economic evaluation (provide a clear statement and rationale of how you will measure health outcomes. include justification for your choice of outcome measure, taking into consideration the study method)

this order should also demonstrates reading and use od the literature including consistent Harvard referencing;
and fluent, concise and clear expression accurate spelling and grammar, neat overall presentation and organisation

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