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Discuss a grant proprosal for improved access to prenatal care and recovery treatment for the pregnant substance user in suffolk county new York.

Abstract: Include a brief synopsis of your paper following APA 6 Guidelines (graded in Organization, Writing Style, Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Formatting)

1. Introduction: Summary of the Aggregate Population (20 points)

The introduction should set the foundation for the Grant Proposal

a.State the health-related problem, issue or health risk. .

b.Describe the selected aggregate population and geographic community. .

c.Identify the grant source or sponsoring agency, the grant web-address, and the length of the grant funding period. Attach a copy of the grant announcement, usually a one or two paragraph request for proposal (RFP), as an appendix. .

d.Describe the focus of the grant application and the relevance of the identified health-related issue of the selected aggregate to the grant topic. .

* Do not complete the grant application for this course.

* Do not attach the entire grant.

2. Projected Outcomes (20 points)

a.Describe the significant factors contributing to the health-related problem, issue, or risk. .

b.Provide a rationale for selection of this health-related problem, issue, or health risk based on its relationship to a specific Healthy People 2020 objective. .

c.State the projected outcomes for this aggregate population based on the proposed intervention if implemented. .


3. Intervention (20 points)

a.Describe a proposed intervention project or program to be funded by the grant that targets the identified health-related problem, issue, or risk of the selected aggregate that is within the scope of community health nursing practice. .

b.Identify the specific population within the aggregate to be served by the proposed project or program. .

c.Describe and evaluate the effectiveness of existing intervention projects or programs that are currently available in the selected community to address the health-related, problem, issue, or risk of the identified aggregate. .


* Do not describe an intervention at the individual, family, or small group level.

4. Implementation (20 points)

a.Describe the implementation plan for the proposed intervention project or program. Include the following:

The interventions or services to be provided, includes ◦How they will be provided .

◦To whom they will be provided .

◦When they will be provided .

◦The setting in which they will be provided .

◦By whom they will be offered .

◦The resources and personnel needed to carry out the project or program .

◦Timeline for implementation .


b.Discuss approaches to implement your healthcare project or program. Be sure to address: ◦Ethical, legal, cultural, social, and policy needs of diverse stakeholders and populations .

◦Steps needed to garner community support .

◦Plan to partner with the community in implementing the project or program.

Please place focus on the implementation phase of this papaer/grant Proposal. Thank you.

Thread: Approval for Grant Proposal


Elspeth Burton

Approval for Grant Proposal Approval for Grant Proposal Attachment



I submitted our Grant Proposal for approval to proceed to our Professor. I am pasating it within this discussion post, as I am not sure everyone is visiting the Week 13 for updates to our project.


Team B seeks to submit a Proposal to the US Dept of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, for the National Center for Early Childhood Health and Wellness Grant. Our area of focus will be to improve access to prenatal care and recovery treatment for the pregnant substance user in underserved/high risk areas of Suffolk County, NY. Possible interventions include adding prenatal services to existing recovery programs, methadone clinics and needle sharing, as well as utilizing programs like the Nurse-Family Partnership to provide at home prenatal care.

Information regarding the grant we are submitting for your consideration is pasted below:


Funding Oppportunity Title: National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness

Funding Opportunity Number: HHS-2015-ACF-OHS-HC-0998

Program Office: Office of Head Start

Funding Type: Discretionary

Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement

Announcement Type: Initial

CFDA: 93.600


Post Date: 05/19/2015

Application Due Date: 07/20/2015

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