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Discuss a biblical and theological approach of church planting in Chad

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Biblical and Theological Approach of Church Planting in Chad context

Chadi context has its particularity. It is a context in which we have the two extremes of non- Christians who are the radical Islam in the North and in the East part, and the profound animism which creates a state of syncretism in the south. It adds to the profound legacy of 30 years of war experienced by this country, which has left deep wounds in the hearts of Chadians now inclined to despair.

The Biblical theology of church planting applied in this mixed context must be with wisdom and skill. In an interview with the National President of the Chad Evangelical Assemblies of God Church, Pastor Frédéric Doumdingao Komba on the subject, he says the following:

“In the context of Chad, the biblical theology of church planting can be applied in a standard way in many respects in certain areas only. By cons in others, it requires specific methods and tailored to their realities. This is the northern part of the country where all the standard biblical theology of church planting cannot be applied to them because of the objections of Islam that believes that these regions are already acquired to Muslims cause. In these regions, the method that seems appropriate is that which consists of a personal contact, which is based on friendship and love and witness of an authentic Christian life. The method seems effective it is also that which is to get involved in the social circle of people in this particular region by attending their mourning ceremonies, weddings and other social gatherings for interest to provide support. This marks more than people preaching. As the doors can open to church planting. ”

In fact in the case of Chad, when we consider the Islamic context, particular emphasis must be put on the church planter’s life. For the Muslim is much affected by the way the Christian lives his faith. In 2012 for example, I went into a shop in the town of Moundou (Chad) to buy groceries for the Biblical Institute that I lead. Just after the purchase the shopkeeper who is a Muslim asked me “What amount do you want me to write on the invoice? ” I told him that Allah will not be proud of me if I live in the fraud. The Muslim was deeply touched, and this event became the starting point of a friendship that led him later to become interested in the question of the Christian faith. The church planters must learn to live strategically their Christian faith to impact Muslims who seek the truth.

Also contextualization of church planting message in the Chadian context must take into account several parameters for efficient work. Music, clothing, how to sit, talking to elderly … are of deep meanings. To develop an effective church planting ministry among these communities, we have to be sensitive to these meanings.

Whether in the Islamic context in the North and East part of the country, or in the animist context in south, it takes spiritual leadership with a biblical and theological education to profoundly impact the different communities for Jesus. Any time the church planter should have a ministry process that takes into account a variety of approaches in the different communities, cultures and realities. The need of the power of the Holy Spirit is well established for the exercise of effective ministry in the Chadian context. To achieve training plays a significant role. It was then rightly to the Burkina Faso Missionary to Chad Martin Nikiéma, Academic Dean of Chad Assemblies of God Bible Institute says :

“Our schools and Bible Instituts should be aimed to train church planters. Many were formed, but most of them are limited only to arguments and discussions. Church planting must be inculcated since the formation of the servants of God. The program should aim Bible institutes that. ”

The biblical and theological approach to church planting in the Chadian context will benefit focus on leadership working under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, taking into consideration the differences between communities, cultures and realities. The training centers of the servants of God in Chad will facilitate this by preparing workers who can meet the profile required to work in this context.

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