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Develop the skills necessary to conduct a requirements determination study.


This project, which represents 20% + 10% (presentation) of your total course mark, assesses your ability:

• To learn the fundamental principles of information systems analysis and design.
• To develop the skills necessary to conduct a requirements determination study.
• To learn the principles and techniques of the system development life cycle.
• To learn the various techniques for system analysis and design.

Description and Requirements

In this project, each group is expected to develop a project using any software suitable for the development. The project concept is selected by the group to analyze, conceptual design and develops a prototype based on the knowledge gained from meetings with the stakeholders, lectures, internet search, books or other resources. The total marks allocated to this work is 30 divided as:
10 for presentation (5 assigned for the group and 5 individually), 15 for the group work that include report, models, prototype and other related issues, and 5 marks are allocated to the individual efforts.

Your Tasks

The deliverables are:
a. executive summary (200-300 words) summarizes everything about the system as mentioned in the marking criteria sheet (in the last page). Hint: review it regularly until it gets its final shape just before the presentation of the project.
b. Statement of work (see this link) , includes:
i. Project Background
1. Problem, opportunity, or directive statement.
2. History leading to project request.
3. Project goal and objectives, including PIECES (found in chap03-Required book (CMM) and summarized in the last page.
4. Product description.
ii. Scope
1. Stakeholders
2. Data
3. Processes
4. Locations
iii. Rest of “statement of work” documentations, ended by signatures.
c. Project Management printouts.
d. System analysis and its artifacts (use cases and domain model).
e. Last page should contain the URL to the system and the references.

2- Application, contains the following:

a. Prototype
b. (optional) Stand alone or web application.

3- Submission, contains the following:

a. Hard copy of the report mentioned above (uploaded to the BlackBoard dropbox).

b. CD contains:
i. A copy of the report.
ii. The prototype
iii. Demo (using video) for all the features of the.

4- Presentation(s):

a. Presentations by the group on the planned dates (all members must be involved).
b. Questions directed to individual members of the group.

Resources for Project

1- Lecture notes.
2- Notes taken during the lectures presentations.
3- Subsystems completed in class.
4- Microsoft Visio and Project.
5- (optional) Oracle DBMS or Microsoft Access.
6- (optional) Visual IDE such as Visual studio.NET.
7- Your instructor.
8- Search.
Note: If you cannot get any of the software mentioned above, please contact the instructor to give you the link of the free software or give you access to the university labs.


1- The CD should contain screen casting (Video) that explain and demonstrate the system using the prototype. A presentation by the group may replace the CD demonstration. You can use software called SnagIt or Jing for video recording.
2- For every presentation each member of the group must be ready to answer the instructor and audience questions.

Marking Criteria
Tasks Possible Marks Gained Marks
Purpose (Cover page) Course code & title, attractive project title and the names and ID numbers of the group members. 2%
(Pages 1) Project title and executive summary 5%
Statement of work (Page 2) Project background (points 1 & 2) 5%
(Page 3) Project background (points 3 & 4) 5%
(Page 4) Project scope and rest of SOW documents 5%
Project Management (Page 5) Project plan – using MS project –
to show the time, tasks and resources management. 8%
Systems Analysis (Page 6) Use case diagram (Context Diagram) 5%
(Page 7) Apply the template on the 2 most important use cases. 15%
(Page 8) ER Diagram 10%
(Page 9) Domain Model 10%
(Page 10) Prototype screenshot(s) 10%
Implementation Running Prototype 20%

Project Mark = / 15% ( )
+ Participation = / 5%

TOTAL = /20%
Title and Summary
Project Management
Systems Analysis
Useful Definitions
P the need to improve performance
I the need to improve information (and data)
E the need to improve economics, control costs, or increase profits
C the need to improve control or security
E the need to improve efficiency of people and processes
S the need to improve service to customers, suppliers, partners, employees, etc.
Problem statement – a statement and categorization of problems, opportunities, and directives; may also include constraints (limitations) and an initial vision for the solution. Synonyms include preliminary study and feasibility assessment.

Statement of work – a contract with management and the user community to develop or enhance an information system; defines vision, scope, constraints, high-level user requirements, schedule, and budget. Synonyms include project charter, project plan, and service-level agreement.

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