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Design and critically evaluate an appropriate dissemination strategy for the research project discussed in Morrow (2013).

You will need to refer to:

Morrow, V. (2013) ‘Whose values? Young people’s aspirations and experiences of schooling in Andhra Pradesh, India’, Children and Society, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 25869.
And at least two sources from the module material.
Below is a list of module material that you may find useful in completing this TMA; you are not required to use all the material in this list. You must refer to the research article by Morrow (2013).
Module Reader Chapter 15 by Robb (cite as Robb, 2014 in your assignment)
Module Reader Chapter 16 by Ruxton (cite as Ruxton, 2014 in your assignment)
Module Reader Chapter 17 by Pascal and Bertram (cite as Pascal and Bertram, 2014 in your assignment)
Module Reader Chapter 18 by Mann, Liley and Kellett (refer to as Mann, Liley and Kellett, 2014 in your assignment).
The TMA task asks you to design and critically evaluate an appropriate dissemination strategy for the research project by Morrow (2013). As you read the article, make a note of aspects of the research and research findings you consider should be disseminated to the research community and to others. Also note other factors that you think may be of interest or relevance, for example, you will notice that the study is longitudinal and focuses on the experiences of just four young people and uses qualitative interview data from Young Lives, a project you have learned about earlier in the module. You may think these points are of interest or you may focus on other aspects of the study. The study is situated the in the social and policy context of India; you may wish to consider how this relates to other contexts. Similarly, you may consider what can be learned from the findings of this study in relation to the expectations placed on children as access to education increases and the realities of young people’s lives where aspirations may not be realisable.
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It is not necessary to find out about the researchers who carried out the project or the ways in which the results of the actual project were disseminated. You are being asked to think about how the results of this study could potentially be disseminated clearly, efficiently and ethically to the relevant audiences. Your assignment will be marked according to:

how well you are able to identify suitable audiences for the research who should hear about the findings of this research?
how realistic your plans for reaching those audiences are how might different audiences be engaged?
how well you think through the practical and ethical problems involved in disseminating the research.
The assignment not only asks you to design an appropriate dissemination strategy but also to citically evaluate it. In order to do this, you will need to refer to at least two sources from the module material in reflecting on your strategy. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy? How does each part of the dissemination strategy contribute to the whole?

Suggested structure

There are many ways of structuring this assignment. These suggestions do not have to be followed, but may be helpful if you are unsure how to approach writing this assignment.

In your introduction you could briefly describe the study described by Morrow (2013) and explain the main aims of your suggested dissemination strategy.
You could then explain the significance of the research and identify the audiences to whom the research findings are relevant. How and why is the research significant to particular groups of research users and others? What are the potential barriers to reaching particular audiences? Are there other potential difficulties to overcome?
You could then set out your suggested dissemination strategy. What will you be communicating to each of the audiences you have identified and how will you reach those audiences? Do not simply list and describe each element within the broader strategy, but provide details of how and why the different elements of the strategy will enable the results of the research to be communicated effectively and usefully to the different audiences.
You also need to critically evaluate each of the elements in your strategy. You might do this when discussing the different elements of the strategy or in a separate section of your TMA. You should think about the practical and ethical problems engendered by the strategy, and show that you are aware of the limits of what researchers can achieve.
Finally, in a short conclusion, you should give a summary of the aims of your dissemination strategy and reflect on how effective you think it would be in meeting those aims.

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