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Design an instructional interdisciplinary unit to teach elementary Social Studies.

Professor Feedback on original lesson plan submitted,
I am not clear with your midterm. You were supposed to choose one Social Studies theme that you plan to do your interdisciplinary unit and submit the first 3 lesson plans for the unit. You were also to submit a short introduction to the theme and a description of the students including the grade. You did not submit the introduction to the theme and you submitted 3 lesson plans for 3 different topics. You need to include the Common Core Standards for Social Studies, ELA, Arts and Technology. Each lesson plan needs to have this area completed. You need to list the new vocabulary to be taught in the Academic Language section. I will open an additional attempt for you to resubmit your midterm following the directions for this assignment.

Lesson Plan Instruction
You are required to design an instructional interdisciplinary unit to teach elementary Social Studies. If you are not working as a teacher you can develop simulated lessons and activities using the Curriculum and Core Standards for elementary school children. This Midterm, you will develop 3 formal lesson plans for this interdisciplinary unit to serve elementary school children on a specific topic relevant to elementary Social Studies at a specific grade level (e.g., the justification of the Spanish-American War from the American vs. Spanish perspectives, music and art in war time in two different cultures, Famous Women in History, Civil Rights Movement, Our Community etc..). You are to give a clear explanation as to how this interdisciplinary unit addresses the needs of the students in General and Special Education as well as the needs of the English Language Learners, how it may be beneficial for them, and what would be your techniques to reach out for this diverse population.
First Phase Introduction of Theme and Lesson Plans
The Mid-term Paper must include:
Introduction to the Theme that you choose to plan for the Interdisciplinary Unit. You need to submit the first three (3) lesson plans for this unit. This unit should be planned for at least one week. This means that you need to do 5 lessons on one theme for this final unit. This section should include Standards for Social Studies, and content areas incorporated (ELA and Math and Science), music and /or art and technology. It should also include a description of the materials, academic language, procedures, activities, homework, differentiated instructional activities, assessment and a culminating activity for the unit. The
Completed Interdisciplinary Unit is to be submitted with the Final Paper.
This section must describe:
A. The target population – the characteristics of the learners for whom the activity is planned.
B. The prerequisites (if necessary), the specific objectives of the
activity, and the content and language standards to which they relate.
If you are not a classroom teacher, specify the output expected from
this activity.
c. The resources, materials, and other element that
will be used to create a learning environment that addresses the needs
of the population.
d. The procedure. Discuss each activity, if you have more than one, in detail.
e. Differentiated instructional activities.
f. Evaluations/assessments
g. Extended activities (Homework)
h. Academic Language to be presented

The mid-term are the first 3 lesson plans you plan to use for your interdisciplinary unit. The unit should be for at least one week. There should be at least 5 lesson plans including a culminating activity and evaluation/assessment to submit for the final.

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