Design a study to examine the impact of cumulative chronic stress on health (at school or in the workplace)

1) Abstract: 150 words or less; brief and concise introduction to the paper; states problem under study, hypothesis, characteristics of participants, brief overview of procedure, predicted results (you would normally state your actual results here), and possible implications of study.

2) Introduction (2-3 pages) literature review / presentation of the rationale of the study
a. Summary statement of the problem under study: context / significance
b. Literature review: description and integration of past research and theory relevant to the topic under study (inclusion of at least six additional references)
c. Information clearly related and logically connected to proposed study
d. Understanding of information
e. Information provided in a clear and concise manner
f. Presentation of the rationale of the study in a clear, precise and coherent fashion
g. Presentation of the variables being studied and the predicted results
h. Logical flow from the information presented to the statement of the hypothesis (facts and past research presented within a coherent argument outlining why the hypothesis is expected. Critical thinking and integration of your own ideas)

3) Description of the laboratory (Methods) (1-2 pages)
a. Participants: description of the participants
b. Material: description of the material used
c. Procedure: chronological description of the study (steps, instructions)
d. experimental design: type of study (i.e. experimental / quasi-experimental); description of the independent and dependent variables; specify operational definition of variable(s)

4) APA format/reference list
a. References cited in test conform with reference list and vice-versa
b. APA format (12pt. Font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, double-space, etc)

*some sample topics
1. Design a study to examine the ‘benefits’ of interacting with animals (dogs or cats)?
2. Design a study to examine how attentional processes affect learning and memory
3. Design a study to examine dieting practices of young college students and how these might be related to body image
4. Design a study to examine the effects of stress on health in college students
5. Design a study to examine the impact of cumulative chronic stress on health (at school or in the workplace).
6. Design a study that examines the effects of emotion on learning and memory
7. Design a study that examines the effects of poor nutrition on learning and memory


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