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Describe what you hope to improve about your writing in WE classes you take over the next two or three years.

Journal 10 – Overall Assessment of Composition II
WE Write for Success A Letter to Dr Lang
ENGL 111 and ENGL 112 are the foundational Writing Enriched (WE) courses at LC. You are going to assist the WE planners by telling them what ENGL 112 offers students to prepare them for the further evidence-based writing they will do in their Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. Your ideas will be used to improve LCs ability to help students in all majors develop better writing skills. Thoughtful consideration and objective feedback are what Im looking for in the content of this part of the assignment.
Think about the writing that you have done in ENGL 112. Consider what your writing was like at the start of the semester and where you stand now at the end of the semester. In particular, think about whether or not you know more now about what is expected and required to do a research essay.
Now write a one page letter to Dr Dan Lang, the director of the Writing Enriched program at LC. In the letter you should do the following:
Describe your expectations at the start of ENGL 112.
Explain the challenges you faced as you worked on the assignments and how you overcame them or why you didnt.
Tell Dr Lang what you learned about yourselfas a person and as a writerfrom the experience.
Give details about what you learned that may influence your writing in the future.
Describe what you hope to improve about your writing in WE classes you take over the next two or three years.
Provide ample evidence and explanations necessary for Dr Lang to understand and believe you.

Please note: Nothing about the content of the letter will affect your grade except whether you addressed the bolded points above, the care and effort you put into writing it up, and whether you followed the formatting instructions. Your name will be removed from any feedback that is actually given to Dr Lang and the WE planners. So you can be honest!
Although this is a letter, it should still have standard Journal formatting.

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