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Describe the types of secondary materials that are available on Lexis-Nexis, and name five specific sources.

Use the Internet for sections I, II, and III of this project.

I. Build a Judge Profile

Your firm has a case coming up for trial. Your supervising

attorney needs you to profile the judge using the Internet.

The judge’s name is Kathleen O’Malley, a federal district

judge in Ohio. Print your research results.

II. Perform Company Research

Your attorney has signed on a new client, Dell Computer

Corporation, and wants to learn more about Dell’s business

operations. Print two (2) company profiles from independent


CALR Project

you can access lexis using my username

crest55 and password Black256 from website

2 CALR Project

III. Evaluate Internet Information Quality

Go to and and compare and analyze

the two Web sites. Write a few paragraphs evaluating the

content of the information in the two sites.


Use Lexis-Nexis for sections IV,V, VI, VII, and VIII

of this project.

IV. Formulate a Search Request

Your supervising attorney is representing a drug manufacturer

that has designed a new arthritis drug. During clinical trials,

volunteers who took the drug experienced heart palpitations

and nervousness. The drug manufacturer has asked your

firm if it must disclose the side effects of the drug to potential

patients. The client needs an answer to this research question

as soon as possible to determine if it should seek FDA approval

in order to release the drug to the public. Formulate two

queries for the research assignment using (A) natural language

and (B) terms and connectors. Use Federal and State Caselaw

as your source. Print just the first page of your research

results in the Cite list format for each search query. Be sure

your search requests are visible.

V. Search and Retrieve Primary and

Secondary Legal Materials

A. Retrieve and print the first two pages of the following

case by citation: 17 Cal. 3d 425.

B. Retrieve and print the first two pages of any case

involving the following party name: Trump Wilshire


C. Retrieve and print the first two pages of the following

case by docket number: B018788.

D. Explain the three different ways to display your

research results and how to view the results. Print a

sample document in each display type (for a long

document, you may print only the first two pages to

save paper).

E. Describe the types of secondary materials that are

available on Lexis-Nexis, and name five specific


VI. Verify the Accuracy of Caselaw and


Your supervising attorney has given you the following


• 217 B.R. 598

• 523 U.S. 574

• Fed. R. Civ. P. 26

She wants you to validate the legal materials to find out if

they’re still good law. Carry out the assignment and print

your research results. It’s OK to print out only the first few

pages if you get a lot of hits. (Note: For the Federal Rules of

Civil Procedure select your first hit Exact Match and print

out the first page.)

VII. Company and Financial Research

A. Locate the company headquarters, address, and

telephone number for eBay, the online auction

house. Print samples of your research results.

B. Print the first two pages of the latest quarterly (10Q)

report for Dell Computer Corporation.

VIII. Retrieve Public Records

A. Your attorney needs to find expert witnesses on the

effects of drug interactions for a liability case. Print

information on two individuals with expertise on the

subject of drug interaction.

B. Your attorney needs to find tax information for

properties owned by Allianz Properties Partnership

Ltd. in Texas. Find and print the address of the

partnership, and the property records for the


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