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Describe the process of revision of information and gaining consent, if relevant, at the start of the interview.

This is part of  the research paper. (Interview procedures)

My IV is Physical activity level.

My DV is Self-efficacy level. 

I’ve attached an example of this paper and my survey and more part of my paper.



Total of 5 parts and Appendix B have to be included in your answer. 




  1. Purpose: Include a summary of the reasons for using this particular method for this study.
  2. Sample Selection

Who will be the interviewees? How many participants will you interview? How will you select your participants (e.g. randomly, snowball, convenience, purposive sampling) and from where? What is the rationale for this sampling strategy? Refer to your research methods books for details on how to select participants for qualitative research/interviews. 

  1. Consent process

Give details of what information will be given to participants prior to participation. It is important to give the participant time to think about the study and what participation will mean for the individual. Consent is therefore sometimes requested prior to the date of the event, but most often at the time of the interview.

  1. Conducting the Interviews

Describe the characteristics of the location to be sought by the interviewer for the interview to take place, such as a private place outside of the school, and what equipment and materials will be needed.


Describe the process of revision of information and gaining consent, if relevant, at the start of the interview. Make sure to include description of any incentives to be provided for participants.


Provide details of how interviews will be recorded, for example note taking or tape recording. Justify the use of the method(s) chosen.


State that the interview questions and protocol are found as an appendix. (Since your survey will be Appendix A, the protocol and interview questions will probably be Appendix B.)

  1. Data Analysis

Describe methods transcribing interview(s) and when this will be done.


Provide details of how you will analyze the data. (Your textbook is a great resource, but there are countless qualitative methods books you are free to use.) Be sure to cite correctly and include the citations on your Reference page

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