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Describe the procedures of authenticating access to Cisco router CLI through active directory using Microsoft NPS RADIUS Server [10%]

Details of the task One Central Park is a leading international building and civil engineering contractor, OCP employs some 1000 people throughout the UK. One Central park has an annual turnover in excess of £1.1million.

The organisation Head quarter office is in Manchester with two branch offices in Liverpool and Leeds. Additionally the organisation has a mobile workforce requiring access to the organisation network. Providing staff with 24/7 secure remote access to confidential project information whenever and wherever they are is critical to OCP’s efficiency and success.

One Central park realised that it needs secure network connections between the HQ and branch offices, where branch offices staff and mobile workers are only allowed access to specific HQ resources (FTP and HTTP); another requirements are to minimise internal and external network security threats by implementing firewall technologies, and strict access to the network critical devices using centralised authentication.

OCPs IT executives have asked you to research effective ways to meet the organisation network security needs and enforce compliance policies. Your research found that with Site-to-Site and Remote IPsec VPN, Access Control Lists, Cisco Zone-Based Firewall ZBF and Windows server firewall, Microsoft Active Directory integrated NPS RADIUS, and Microsoft Active Directory services. OCP could tackle the following vital challenges:
• Connect HQ with branch offices securely over the Internet
• Limit access to the HQ network resources and critical devices.
• Centralise network access authentication and security setting distribution.

OCPs IT executives have asked you to present a report that will list the potential benefits and challenges of implementing the technologies mentioned above.

Assessment criteria

Marking Criteria

• Describe the procedures of authenticating access to Cisco router CLI through active directory using Microsoft NPS RADIUS Server [10%]

• Examine network security threats that could be mitigated by Access Control Lists, and examine ways of using Access Control Lists to secure the network [10%]

• Specify the features you can implement within the Zone-Based Firewall on a Cisco router, and how they can increase network security [10%]

• Identify security strategies that contribute to the maintenance of network security.[15%]

• Identify strategies for dealing with breaches in security and how to restore the network to a secure state. [10%]

• Document the security configuration process and solution strategies. [5%]

• Sentences, paragraphs, spelling set at a high standard [5%]

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