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Describe the global patterns of commerce behind the Atlantic slave trade?

History homework, JUST WRITE and paragraph for each of my questions, each one should be 140-160 words.






1. Describe the global patterns of commerce behind the Atlantic slave trade? (just write down what you’ve know, don’t need the reference, but do not copy anything from online)


2. To what extent did Europeans transform earlier patterns of commerce and in what ways did they assimilate into older patterns of commerce as the Atlantic slave trade developed?


3. What were some of the specific impacts of the Atlantic slave trade?





4.(For this part, I want you to write down a 100 words paragraph about that you think of this thread, just like the group discussion and you just write down what is your thought. )


The Atlantic slave trade was felt by peoples all over the world. Specifically it impacted the economies of the Americas and Africa. The Spanish economy flourished after the advent of the sugar plantations in South America and the Caribbean. All on the backs of slave labor. Seeing the Spanish monarchy grow richer and richer, other countries in Europe decided to lay claim to lands in the New World and begin growing their own agriculture economies as well. In Bolivia, the local economy relied very heavily on the native peoples mining the rich silver deposits of their country. Their population felt the impact of these horrible working conditions that helped to fund the Atlantic slave trade. The silver that was mined in South America paid for textiles, firearms, and other goods that was then traded for slaves on the west coast of Africa. Unlike Japan, who was able to shut out completely the Europeans, Africa was completely decimated by the slave trade. Many of the people taken into slavery were men, leaving very few to help build armies and be a part of politics in Africa. As slavery was one of the only exports that Africa was able to offer the world, their populations diminished, making it inevitable that their economic system and societies would collapse.




5. (same as 4)



Europeans transformed earlier patterns of commerce by expanding there trade globally. Europeans often had high demands for Asian and African goods, however due to they’re geographic location weren’t allowed easy access to high demand goods. The chapter also discusses how European goods had little value in Asian markets therefore they were forced to pay cash, gold or silver for purchases.  There wealth was there advantage. Europeans sailed across the Pacific widening their trade horizons with larger trade nations as they went. Europeans assimilates into older patterns of commerce as the slave trade developed by going back to traditional ways of trading while offering new goods. Africans were often interested in European firearms, gunpowder and tobacco. With their global commerce takeover the only geographic area that Europeans had a hard time dominating was Africa due to their lack of immunization.

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