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Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication .

Mandatory Units Learner Name: ____________________________ Unit 1: ac: 2.2 Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication Unit 1: ac: 3.1 Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communication methods in different ways Unit 1: ac: 3.2 Identify barriers to effective communication Unit 1: ac: 3.5 Explain how to access extra support or services to enable individuals to communicate effectively Unit 1: ac: 4.1 Explain the meaning of the term “confidentiality” Unit 1: ac: 4.3 Describe the potential tension between maintaining an individual’s confidentiality and disclosing concerns Unit 2: ac: 1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own role Unit 2: ac: 1.2 Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards Unit 2: ac: 2.1 Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided Unit 2: ac: 2.3 Describe how own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practice Unit 2: ac: 3.1 Evaluate own knowledge, performance and understanding against relevant standards Unit 2: ac: 4.1 Identify sources of support for planning and reviewing own development Unit 2: ac: 5.1 Evaluate how learning activities have affected practice Unit 3: ac: 1.1abc Explain what is meant by: a. Diversity b. Equality c. Inclusion Unit 3: ac: 1.2 Describe the potential effects of discrimination Unit 3: ac: 1.3 Explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity Unit 3: ac: 2.1 Explain how legislation and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity and discrimination apply to own work role Unit 3: ac: 3.3 Describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that promotes change Unit 4: ac: 1.1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role Unit 4: ac: 1.2 Explain how the duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals Unit 4: ac: 2.3 Explain where to get additional support and advice about conflicts and dilemmas Unit 4: ac: 3.1 Describe how to respond to complaints Unit 4: ac: 3.2 Identify the main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints

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