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Describe the differences between competence and cultural competence

Page 1
1.Describe the differences between Competence and Cultural Competence
1.2. As everyone knows, the role of the Social workers is extremely important for the Society as a whole. By knowing the duties of the Social workers into the US Social and Political context, answer the following questions:
1.2.1. Can the managers act as social workers? Why or Why not.
1.2.2 How can the managers contribute to the social and political context?
1.3. After reading the Standards for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice
1.3.1. How can you, as a manager, apply the Standard 1 (Ethics and Values), Standard 2 (self-Awareness), Standard 3 (Cross-Cultural Skills) and Standard 7 (Diverse Workforce) into your workplace?
1.4. By studying the two links regarding Social and Economic Justice in the Course Document link, answer the questions below:
1.4.1. Establish the differences between Social Justice and Economic Justice.
1.4.2. Why is it important to consider Social and Economic Justice in Cross Cultural Management?
Expected outcome: Written assignment based on questions 1 to 4. The document must be written by using some APA requirements such as APA spacing and margins, Time New Roman or Arial size 12, cover page, main body (answer of the questions), references.

Page 2 or 3
Consider a situation in which a female employee who has worked for a long time where you work or have worked. She has recently been confined to a wheelchair as a result of a traffic accident, which left her a paraplegic. Assume that you are her supervisor and you need to develop a plan for any changes in the physical work environment that will be required to accommodate her return to work.

Your tasks are:
(1) Develop a list of changes that may be needed and budget for each of the changes.
(2) Develop a plan for ensuring that she will be treated in a sensitive manner, consistent with the content of chapter 14, by coworkers as well as yourself.
(3) Prepare a guide that you can use when talking to her to obtain her input on all aspects of both of these plans.
(4) Describe any problems that she is likely to encounter when she returns to work, and how you will attempt to avoid them or deal with them if they occur.
(5) Describe how to work with her co-workers to support her, and have efficient results in your department (to elaborate on this point consider the information posted under “Readings for week 7” in course document link.)

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