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Describe how slavery effected the economy of slave states during the first half of the 1800s.

The assignment consists of two parts. Part two in the next page. The two parts in 8 pages.

Part 1 of the assignment.
here are five topics listed below, I want you please to write four full body paragraphs for each topic.
The name of the course: U.S. history to 1877
The name of the book: The American People vol. 1 by Gary Nash, 7th ed, 2011.
Here are the topics:
1-Describe the economy of the United States, 1800-1830, and its impact on ordinary Americans.
2-Describe how slavery effected the economy of slave states during the first half of the 1800s.
3- Describe how Americans were able to successfully and rapidly expand the United States west during the 1840s and 1850s..
4- Why did the Union win the Civil War and why did it take four years to do so?
5- By 1880, would you argue that Reconstruction had been more a success or a failure?

Instructions: please follow the instructions carefully:
A. The writing should be both concise and precise. You should be focused specifically on the question, not the general topic area. Don’t short-change yourself by aiming toward a minimum result.
B. Responses must be supported by meaningful facts. These include, where needed, specific names, dates and other identifying details. Each paper must be the appropriate length as noted in the course information.
C. Assume the reader knows nothing about your topic. Are you telling him/her enough while staying within the assigned length?
D. You should minimize (or have no) direct quoting. The task is not to write a paper as much as it is to show your knowledge and understanding of the topic.
E. 100% Full Credit – The superior response and not always easy to earn. While not necessarily perfect or the longest, it exhibits a solid degree of thoughtfulness and interest on the part of the writer. It has no or very minor grammatical errors. It clearly reflects the students’ correct understanding of the question. It zeroes in on the key points and always provides supporting detailed evidence. It engages the reader’s attention.

Part 2 of the assignment.
Here are four images; I want you please to write a response for each image. Each image has a question on the top or bottom of it,. The key is to focus on the question asked. Each response must be two full paragraphs. Your writing should be specific, concise and precise.
Image Assign #1

Image Assign #2

Image Assign #3

Image Assign #4

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