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Describe how romantic and modern traditions or concepts continue to affect us today.

General Thesis Guidelines:

– You may choose from any of the poems that I’ve assigned or discussed in lecture, and you may also choose to write on Wharton’s novel (including the film adaptation). Please do not discuss more than 2 texts in your paper, and please limit your focus to specific words/phrases or passages/scenes through the use of direct quotations.

– I strongly suggest that your thesis or main ideas draw upon one of the following concepts (in relation to a text or texts): Beauty, the Sublime, Tautology, Dialecticism (or a dialectic), Gender Performance, Nationalism, Fragmentation, Aesthetic Experimentation, and so on…this is not a complete list, so feel free to email me with questions about what would work.

– You are welcome to use historical facts and details, but these should supply general or “common knowledge” information and context only — the majority of your paper should be about the literary text or texts and the overarching themes, issues, or concepts we have been discussing. You should therefore not need to cite historical documents, websites, or outside research of other kinds (email me if you need clarification).

– You may revisit ideas that you have used in our Discussion Board forums, but the writing must be your own original work. You may not copy anyone else’s posts, but you may use their ideas (including my own from lecture) if you rephrase them in your own words. To be clear, you do not need to cite my lecture materials! Make those ideas your own.

– Remember that your paper should aim to meet the learning objectives stated on our course syllabus:

Learning Objectives:

To become familiar with major British, American, and World writers in the Romanticist (1800-1850) and Modernist (1900-1950) literary and aesthetic traditions.

To describe how romantic and modern traditions or concepts continue to affect us today.

To analyze poetry, short stories, novels, and film using appropriate methods or tools.

The poem i decide to write about is “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”, and please make the writing style like or my professor will suspect it.

here is some of my writing

In both poem “The Time of the Ancient Mariner” and “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”, they both have a gloomy theme, tones, and same elements about guilt, death and redemption in both of them. Prisoner and mariner both took life that they shouldn’t took. They both feel guilty for their actions and they both seeking for redemption for it. But the consequences of their actions went totally different, prisoner got sentence to death in exchange for his crime, and for mariner he got the feeling of guilt in the end and having a chance to be alive to tell the story.

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