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Describe an example of a psychic prison you or a colleague have experienced in your organization or one with which you are familiar.

Project description
I am responding to two colleagues discussions. Please make sure the discussion responses are written using correct grammar and punctuation etc. Also, make sure the references meet the APA sixth edition guidelines.

We often think of teams and group dynamics as a collection of team roles and skillsets. Often employees think if they do their job right, everything will work effectively. Managers often overlook interpersonal relations among their employees; yet there is constant interaction between people and these interactions may impact the work climate either negatively or positively. Each employee brings a set of behaviors developed over his or her lifetime. Some of these may help the employee be effective in a job, some may not. The concept of the psychic prison helps individuals understand the process of perception and belief formation. For this Discussion, you examine the formation of your beliefs as they relate to patterns of interpersonal behavior at work through the metaphor of the psychic prison. Note: For this Discussion, read and review Chapter 7 from the course text, Images of Organizations.

Write one full page to the following:
Describe an example of a psychic prison you or a colleague have experienced in your organization or one with which you are familiar.
Think of yourself in the role of a manager. Explain how the concept of the psychic prison could be useful in understanding your own behavior and that of your employeesparticularly in terms of improving the workplace environment.
Note: In addition to the week five reference list on page one, provide at least three to five academic peer-reviewed article references only for the time period 2011 – 2016 in APA style and citation format to support your topic.
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