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Demonstrated understanding of the marketing concepts

Demonstrated understanding of the marketing concepts
Distribution strategy: these are the four factors the sum up the market mix and they entails the enhancement of the goods or the various types of services that can be got so as to avail them to the use by consumer elite. A mnemonic to define them is 4P’s: product, price, place and promotion.
The two products that I will demonstrate about are: automobile and jewelry. In the case of automobile and jewelry, they have varying different products. For example in the automobile section, there are many types that range from high class expensive top of the range cars, like Mercedes Benz, to cheap low class types like Starlet. Similarly, there are expansive and genuine forms of jewelry such as diamond-based earrings, gold-plated watches such as Rolex to other cheap either diamond or gold colored goods.(Ensor John,2005)
The distribution strategies of the two products.
Price: The companies that deal with the products which are automobiles enhance the distribution of them by tagging them prices that are not out of kilter with the type of product that is at the market. For example, an automobile product like a Toyota Land cruiser can’t be tagged a price that’s too much pocket-friendly like $ 40,000 while a Toyota Raum is tagged a price that is a whopping $ 30,000.At least, that’s to say, there must be some relationship between the automobile product and the set purchasing price. On the other hand, a Rolex gold-plated watch can’t be tagged the same price like a diamond-plated one. An either gold or diamond colored one would fetch far too lower prices on the shelves.
Product: this applies in the either of the two business models, business to business model or the business to consumer model. In the cases under demonstration, automobile and jewelry, maximum output can be implemented in the browsing sites or the car showrooms and the sites or showrooms can be updated with the latest whirligig of fashions with varying sizes, colors and prices. This can capture the attention of clients.
Place: the automobile and jewelry pictures need be placed in websites and places that are easy to spot like google.Being an always visited site, it can provide a fertile exposure media in showcasing the various products that are offered by the companies’ concerned. Other places that can provide marketing are banners and posters. They simply tend to provide the client with the relevant information about the goods that are hot on the market. Posting images of envious cars on the mostly visited sites serves to bring the desires of those that blog them. Likewise, gold-plated jewelry that are worn by posed models would help to market them greatly because they lay in vivid terms how those that are either viewing in the banners or in the websites to have a glimpse of the impression that they would have or thus being motivated to purchase them.
Promotion: The various automobile on the display, or even jewelry, both sampled out and the success of them followed out to the clients can give the impression that they are of good quality thereby rendering them, to be bought.
Other alternative channels.
Outright ownership of distribution : the right of distribution can prove that there are no strict rules upon the purchase of the automobile or the jewelry as it shows that one become its sore owner prior to the purchase and can done anything he wishes with the product. In simple terms, the commodities can have third parties and can be traded upon.
Franchising: considering that it’s the poaching of another successful business’ model, borrowed ideas that are behind successful businesses can pay dividends. Automobile and jewelry are goods that have constant purchases. On the other hand, when confiding to the consumers the producer n need be very careful. For example consumers will tend to buy automobile products from renowned dealers like Toyota and Nissan.

Ensor John, G. (2005). Introduction to the concepts of marketing. Burlington: Butterworth-Heinneman.

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