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Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of standards and codes that govern professional nursing practice in Australia.


Case Study


2000 words

Task: Read the following “John” scenario.

John is a new graduate registered nurse working in a small private hospital. One of his patients is receiving Morphine by intravenous infusion post-operatively. The patient has been vomiting intermittently throughout the previous shift and it is now evening. John reports this to the senior nurse (Tim) on duty and requests that the analgesia be reviewed. The senior nurse tells John to cease the Morphine infusion and to give Metoclopramide 10mg slowly intravenously. John ceases the Morphine via the patient’s IV line, but reports that there is no written order for the Metoclopramide and that he is unwilling to administer the anti-emetic without one. The senior nurse then independently administers the Metoclopramide intravenously. The patient experiences an allergic reaction.

Analyse and discuss the main legal, ethical and standards of practice issues related to the scenario above.

Presentation: •

Format your assessment with 1.5 line spacing, 12 point Arial font and page numbering

• Use headings to signpost your work

• Use APA referencing guide

• 2000 word limit does not include end-of-text reference list

• A minimum of 10 peer reviewed references (journal or texts) is required. References should not be more than 5 years old.

Assessment criteria:

• Follows ALL presentation guidelines accurately (Assessment template used and completed; formatting; word limit; filename). Excellent attention to correct spelling, grammar punctuation and syntax.

• Has an effective introduction (topic sentences, statement of intent); Provides a smooth progression of ideas in the body of the paper by using transitional devices (headings, linking sentences). Analysis is clearly linked to supporting evidence and directly related to the task; the conclusion effectively summarises the main points in the paper and recommendations.

• Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of standards and codes that govern professional nursing practice in Australia. The analysis clearly demonstrates the application of relevant codes, standards, and guidelines to practice issues. Articulates team or collaborative issues, including accountability for supervision, mentoring, or delegations using relevant professional guidelines to justify these decisions.

• A minimum of 10 peer reviewed journals or texts are used build and support argument; journals and texts are no more than 5 years old; the use of direct quotes is minimal (≤ 3); APA guidelines are used to format in-text referencing and the end-of-text reference list (≤ 3 errors).

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