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Define, compare, contrast and link pragmatism and symbolic interactionism. Based on this, what is the nature of “truth”?

All answers will be presented in proper format and essay style, even short answers. Cite the book where relevant and please include a bibliography as required. You may refer to class discussions and the films – but please try to cite these as well; it’s good practice.

You will be asked to answer three of the following questions, so prepare a long answer for each. By long, I mean no more than five handwritten pages. By short, I mean no more than two handwritten pages. You must also hand in one page of notes (two sides) that you can use IN CLASS to help you, but you MUST hand in a notes page.

Answer in blue or black pen only. Add your name, the date and your student id on top of each page. Number your pages.


1. Define, compare, contrast and link pragmatism and symbolic interactionism. Based on this, what is the nature of “truth”?

2. Symbolic interactionists often use participant observation. Define and explain why this is so. Illustrate your answer using the Sandstrom text and Dignity in Exile as examples. What strengths and weaknesses are there? Feel free to use your opinion as well as what you read.

3. How does symbolic interactionism converge or diverge from other social psychological approaches?

4. What’s in a name?

5. Using Dignity in Exile, class discussions and the film clips listed below, discuss how, non-human objects, humans and symbols impact YOUR life and the relationships you have.

film clips:

ABOVE ARE THE VIDEO SOURCES FOR THE ASSIGNMENT — USE AS NEEDED, you can number them as they are numbered on youtube for your intext citations, and then list them properly in the bibliography.
they are also in the book, wherever you find a QR code.
FYI– do not use the slides or cite them, unless they are material that is NOT in the book. If they are slides about the texts, then use the texts. serioulsy, answers that refer to my powerpoints only are not satisfactory.

I told everyone at the beginning of classes that the slides are just guides and summaries of the important material in the book– a good answer works directly from the texts.

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