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Define and discuss the advancement of Aboriginal land rights since the 1960s, and the significance of the 1992 High Court’s Mabo decision.

This course studies the Indigenous Australian population. Land rights, self-determination, and native title are key concepts in the course. The professor is keen on work that promotes indigenous identity and sheds light on all of the setbacks non Aboriginal people have imposed upon aboriginal communities. This essay should include at least 6 external peer-reviewed resources that show student performed additional readings.

“Indigenous Australians’ struggle for land rights commenced the very moment the invaders first set foot upon their country. Throughout the last 200 years Aboriginal actions have consistently challenged past acts of dispossession and current actions that disregard Indigenous land practices. We will consider some of the more significant milestones along this road, from the Yirrkala bark petition and Gurindji walk-off, to government legislation on land rights and native title. The turning point for the land rights struggle was the historic 1992 Mabo (2) High Court decision on Native Title. The decision was followed by the 1993 Native Title Act and subsequent amendments that had governments, lawyers, other ‘experts’ and Indigenous people jousting over compensation, evidence and processes and for the recognition of native title. Almost two decades after Mabo (2), we examine whether and how Native Title has progressed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander struggle for recognition and social justice.”

-understand that native title and land rights are two different things. focus more on land rights ( which is a long and arduous process, usually at least 10 years) with examples of native title cases (determined by federal court, and based on traditional ownership and connections to country) to support

-with yirrkala bark document, analyze the significance of the medium (bark) being used and languages it was written in.

-discuss successed as well as failures in steps toward gaining native title, drawing on why the negatives didnt succeed and potentially what factors could have contributed to them being successful

“Your essay should follow conventional dissertation style. You should begin by clearly introducing your topic and its immediate context and briefly summarising your key ideas. The bulk of the essay should then consist of a logically argued development of your thesis, which demonstrates detailed research across a range of media and a capacity to apply that research to the key elements of your essay question. Evaluate the question and your thesis in the light of readings beyond those already discussed in class, and use those readings to offer informed, independent and insightful discussion and analysis. It is essential in an academic essay that you clearly distinguish between your own thoughts and writing and those from another source. To avoid plagiarism, it is imperative that you acknowledge all sources of information by choosing a referencing system and using it accurately and consistently throughout your essay. You must also include a complete and accurate reference list or bibliography.” -from unit outline

I can provide a few readings, however some absent sources will also need to be provided.

Attwood, B. and Markus, A. (1999) Introduction. In The Struggle for Aboriginal Rights: A Documentary History (pp. 1-29). Sydney: Allen and Unwin.

Yunupingu, G. (1997) ‘Introduction’ and ‘From the Bark Petition to Native Title’. In Land Rights- Past, Present and Future (pp. xv-17). Brisbane: University of Queensland Press.

Bartlett, R.H. (1999) ‘Native Title in Australia: Denial, Recognition and Dispossession’. In P. Havemann (Ed.), Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Australia Canada & New Zealand (pp. 408-427). Auckland: Oxford University Press.

Mercer D. (1997) ‘Aboriginal Self Determination and Indigenous Land Title in Post Mabo Australia’, Political Geography vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 189 – 212.

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