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Dear writers, I am an architect doing my masters in landscape, my topic is about’ Impacts of healing thought landscape on a mental disorder patient?’ The next phase in my master is to design a garden in a mental disorder hospital from the result that I got from my thesis! The relation between humans and landscape in history How landscape can heal the patients with mental disorder? I must have guide line? What to do and what not to do? How can they read a space? The relationship between patient and space, form, light, color and scent etc.: Which mean my thesis has to give me a guide lines about – healing a mental disorder patient though landscape. *** I have to translate all the thesis to design guidelines. for example : what if the bench was behind the tree or the bench in front a tree ? what if there was only flowers ? what is the difference between they ?

This is my senior paper. It is like a graduation thesis paper, so this paper should be written by keeping the form of thesis paper. There are two very important things. One is that my senior paper should be focused on cases of the United States, especially Minneapolis in the Minnesota state, not other countries. Another one is that I selected a sociology as my subject, however my real subject is urban studies that is my major. So, please write my senior paper by focusing on the urban studies subject. My research question is that how can cities promote bicycling; which is my paper topic. I planned the outline that includes 5 parts. The order of outline is intro, reviewing bicycling growth and benefits, planning for biking, prospect of bicycling system in Minneapolis, and then conclusion. I had already written part of reviewing bicycling growth and benefits through process of literature review. I uploaded this file in the additional materials. So, I hope you to combine and complete the other parts of my senior paper by connecting naturally with my additional material; which is literature review. Also, if you guys want to revise my additional material part for completing naturally, it is fine to revise literature review part. In the planning for bicycling part, I want to combine the contents of academic articles related to bike planning. And, I wish to complete through case study in the Minneapolis prospect part. Conclusion part should be written by associating smoothly with intro part. Lastly, there are several important things about page and reference number. I choose 10 pages, but these pages should be included only content’s pages, not cover page and reference page. The most important thing is that this page number is not total page number of my senior paper. It is the number exclusive my literature review part. My literature review part is about 5 pages, thus total page of my senior paper is minimum 15 pages. Please keep in mind this thing. Also, reference number is same case. I selected 10 references, but it is not total reference number. Literature review file involves 11 references. I hope that reference number of my senior paper includes minimum 20 references.

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