Data Flow Diagrams: Handle OS

Data Flow Diagrams: Handle OSAssignment 4 – Requirements Document• Summary: Create data flow model and complete SRS• Details:o Each team produce a level 0 and level 1 data flow model for system.o Each individual produce a level 2 data flow model for system. I.e., delegate each process bubble identified in the team’s level 1 model to a team member.o Each individual produce PSPEC’s as necessary for the level 2 process bubbles.o Each team collect the content of assignments 2-4 into SRS and complete the rest of the document.? Don’t go overboard with the boilerplate, i.e., a short paragraph for system description is adequate. A multi-page description is unnecessary.? If the template that you are using does not explicitly say where any of your models belongs choose a place that seems reasonable to express your requirements. There is no right way to do this. The models may go adjacent to the requirements they describe, collected in an appendix or in a new section added to the template.? The team as a whole is responsible for ensuring the completeness and consistency of the document including correcting any deficiencies noted in models from previous assignments.? Include any additional necessary models that are necessary to complete the model:? Activity diagrams to elaborate on use cases and scenarios, remaining in the problem space? System- or component-level state diagrams? Include the traceability of software requirements to system requirementsTurn in:o Completed SRSo Identify each team members’ level 2 data flow model.• Grading criteria:Criterion Minimal (0) Needs Work (0.5) Getting Closer (1) Almost There (1.5) Excellent (2)Data Flow Models Not all areas of functionality described, minimal expansion from one level to the next, missing labels on processes or arrows. Minimal expansion in one or more level transitions, more than one important functional area omitted, minor syntax elements missing Minimal expansion in one or more level transitions, most functionality described, minor syntax elements missing Typical level of expansion for each level, but some aspects of functionality not fully described, correct use of all diagram syntax Typical level of expansion for each level, all aspects of functionality described, correct use of all diagram syntaxCriterion Minimal (0) Needs Work (2) Getting Closer (4) Almost There (6) Excellent (8)SRS Structure No formal document structure, presence of excessive boilerplate (overview, system context, etc.) Formal document structure followed, but supporting information such as glossary or traceability missing Formal document structure but limited supporting information and unclear flow Formal document structure and most supporting information Formal document structure, complete supporting information and clear narrative flowSRS Content Simple accumulation of previously built models, no description Accumulation of previous models with minimal additional description Previous models with some additional models to fill in gaps or provide context, minimal additional description All necessary models including additional overview or supporting models, description for most aspects All necessary models and complete description, requirements traceability• Percentage of course grade: 10%

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