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Critically analyze the extent that the Chinese government’s ‘Go out’ policy is successful.

Chinese Economy: Issues and Policies

Part 010 – Assignment (individual essay

Mark Learning Outcome

1 Critically analyse the extent that the Chinese government’s ‘Go out’ policy is successful. Use case examples and remember to justify your answer ( 1500 words ) 50%

2 To what extent will the current rapid growth in the Chinese economy be sustainable in the future? Discuss. Use case studies and relevant data to support your answer. ( 1500 words ) 50%


Please use Harvard referencing style, Arial font in size 12 with single spacing.

Please, write in English and not American!

This essay is very important to me and I need to get at least 70% for it. Previous writers have let me down and i failed a few of my modules with getting a shocking 13% for the writers work. Therefore, I need to make sure it is done properly to avoid going through complaints procedure again. I hope you understand…

Reading List Template

Resources Notes

Key text Xiaowen Tian (2007) ‘Managing International Business in China’, Cambridge University Press / ISBN: 978-0-521-67993-0

We will draw heavily on this book. Students are advised to purchase a copy.


There are a wide range of books on doing business in China. You will find the books below in the library. However, the best source of information is likely to be academic journals (see below).

Chow, G. C. (2007). China’s Economic Transformation, Second Edition, Blackwell Publishing. 1405156244/ 9781405156240

Nolan, P. (2005) Transforming China: Globalisation, Transition and Development, Anthem Press / ISBN: 1843311232 / 9781843311232

Tim Ambler, Morgen Witzel and Chao Xi (2004), Doing Business in China, Routledge/ ISBN: 041543632-X (pbk.) (2009) latest edition.

Mark, N. Lam (2004), China now: Doing business in the world’s most dynamic market, London: McGraw-Hill.

Harvard Business Review on Doing Business in China (2004), London: Harvard Business School.

Barry Naughton (2007), The Chinese Economy: transitions and growth, London:MIT

A useful range of sources that will give you a solid background on China.


It is important that you draw from material contained in academic journals. These are some relevant titles.

It is important that you draw from material contained in academic journals. These are some relevant titles:

China Economic Review

Publishes original academic works in the fields of economics and management science, especially those relevant, but not necessarily limited, to the Chinese economies under different systems. Full text articles from 1996 – 2001 can be found in the Digital library.

China Business Review

The official publication of the US-China Business Council. Articles, interviews, business profiles, statistics, financial and legislative information for those seeking to do business with China. Full text articles from 1990 – to date can be found in the Digital Library.

Available in the Digital Library.

Specific journal articles

Wilson, J. and Brennan, R. (2010), ‘The IMP Contribution to Understanding Business with China’, paper presented at the 26th IMP Conference, Budapest, Hungary. This is a key article.

This article will be supplied to you within the VLE in digital format.


China-Britain Business Council –

Great Britain-China Centre –

The US-China Business Council –

Chopsticks Club –

Chinese Economy Web Sites

These sites might be useful: (this looks particularly useful because it provides a lot of background material on current and past economic and historical developments)

Wikipedia entry on the Chinese economy (some useful links at the bottom)

And economic reform in China (

China Economic Review

China Economic Net

China Window

Yahoo China economy news


This is a really useful website. It contains access to an online magazine and case studies.

The other websites listed here provide an extensive range of information on China’s business and economic development.

It would be great if you used some of the material from our reading list. Especially, from our key text book: Xiaowen Tian (2007) ‘Managing International Business in China’, Cambridge University Press.

I have a copy of this book and can provide any info or scan any pages you require. Obviously, I can’t copy whole book…

If you can’t open some of the online articles from reading list and need to use them in the essay, I will be more than happy to log into my virtual learning space and copy them for you. Just let me know which ones you need.

Please, go through the PowerPoint slides that i provided and get the idea of what has been covered in our lectures. You will also find some key theories and hints for the analysis to answer these two essay questions.

It should be written in format of: ( for each question )

1. Introduction ( what we are going to talk about in the essay, a little brief plan or a description ). Very brief please as we only have 1500

2. Main body ( analysis with supporting case studies, theories and examples). Please, use charts/graphs/illustrations/data/diagrams too!!

3. Conclusion ( summarise your findings )

4. Reference list

This is what required from you by marking criteria:

An excellent structure that is clear and succinct. It includes an introduction, argument, counter-argument and conclusion. Focused on the topic and a critical approach is largely adopted.


An excellent content base analysing the Chinese economy and its theory. An excellent range of case examples.


An excellent range of sources demonstrating strong evidence of research.

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